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The battle lines were drawn and the center ground is pockmarked with craters and mines. Two-strokes and four-strokes changed into as divisive as politics and religion. Where you are is dependent half of on how you paddle and half of on how you assume.

There is one matter that crosses boundaries, though. The Yamaha YZ250 two-stroke is one in every of the preferrred bikes of all time, and it used to be wanting attention. The YZ250 and 125 are the longest-running models in motocross history, produced repeatedly since 1974. No matter who you are, that instructions respect. That’s doubtlessly why insiders at Yamaha will lay down on the tracks to retain them within the lineup, twelve months after twelve months. On the other hand, it’s one thing to present two-strokes and moderately yet another to reinvest in their continued construction. Most years, the gargantuan thinkers in Yamaha’s marketing division forecast that the YZ250 will promote in about the same numbers whether it’s up to this point or no longer.

Despite all that, the 2022 Yamaha YZ250 has been up to this point. It’s a case of the followers for the duration of the corporate successful out over the bookkeepers.


Somewhere in dwelling, there’s a planet 17 light years away that’s having a scrutinize at earth with a swish telescope. They’re thinking, “Hey, that 2005 YZ250 sure is train-of-the-art work. Hold a look on the aluminum physique, the vitality-jet carb and the KYB suspension.” These of us moderately closer keep that the ’05 YZ used to be the last gargantuan funding that Japan would ever construct within the two-stroke. Even then, the YZ motor had been unchanged since 2003, but the chassis used to be introduced up to this point with the most modern technology within the motocross world. From that time forward, most attention-grabbing parts, parts and bodywork would swap. The fork and the brakes beget had a need of modifications, but a gargantuan cosmetic remake didn’t come till 2015.

There are more modifications in 2022 than there were in somebody twelve months since 2005. Basically the most glaring is the bodywork. The shrouds, gas tank and seat were redesigned to construct the seating train more stage—from entrance to rear—with smoother transitions and a narrower width within the knee-grip location. The seat high is somewhat taller within the center but decrease in entrance. Along the formula, the gas tank misplaced a couple of quart, now measuring 1.85 gallons. The total subframe is diversified, as well to the airbox. Yamaha says that airflow resistance has decreased by 15 percent. The air boot between the carb and the airbox has no longer changed. Within the suspension division, Yamaha is announcing that many of the fork has been up to this point to the same pieces as the most modern YZ250F four-stroke. The axle carriers are clearly diversified from the F’s to accommodate a smaller axle, and the valving is entirely diversified. The spring charge is somewhat heavier when put next to last twelve months’s YZ250 two-stroke—from 4.3 N/m to 4.4. The shock has repeatedly been entirely diversified from the four-stroke’s but has been up to this point with contemporary valving and a heavier spring charge (50 N/m versus 48).


Updated scrutinize
Most attention-grabbing suspension
Most attention-grabbing brakes
Begins with out effort with out a button


Exhausting-hitting vitality
No longer the fastest two-stroke
Lowered gas skill

The brakes were subsequent on the hit record. The entrance brake has a brand contemporary caliper with better pistons and increased force. It got contemporary pads with 29.2 percent more surface location. Even supposing the rotor is tranquil 270mm in diameter, it’s configured with an construct bigger in surface location. Within the rear, the caliper is smaller and lighter, and the rotor diameter used to be lowered from 245mm to 240. The chain and sprockets misplaced moderately weight, and the tires were up to this point to Dunlop MX33s.

Yamaha made the contemporary YZ250 moderately narrower in entrance with out altering the physique. Somewhere in that route of, it misplaced moderately gas skill.
Now, you get entry to the filter with a single lumber on high of the seat.

The tires are Dunlop MX33s and the brakes are contemporary for 2022. The entrance axle is tranquil smaller than that of the four-stroke YZ250F.


The period of time “all contemporary” will get thrown around on the total. It doesn’t note right here. The 2022 Yamaha YZ250 is contemporary enough, but it completely’s tranquil a YZ250. Whenever you scrutinize on the bike, it affords off a more in model vibe, and whereas you paddle it, it’s doubtless you’ll maybe maybe leer a swap within the ergos, but most attention-grabbing if you happen to may maybe maybe well beget ridden an older YZ wait on to wait on. Whenever you happen to’re a YZ250 lover, that’s nothing but excellent news. The bike is extremely distinctive and is an absolute blast to paddle within the lawful stipulations.

Yes, two-strokes are tranquil lighter than four-strokes, on the least in this case. The YZ250 is 10 kilos lighter than the YZ250F.
There’s no right inequity in weight; the contemporary bike tranquil weighs 217 kilos, which is set 10 kilos lighter than the Yamaha YZ250F four-stroke. Past the actual quantity, the two-stroke has a extremely agile in actuality feel. As is on the total identified, two-stroke motors beget much less rotating mass, which formula they’ve much less of a gyroscopic tendency to retain their train in dwelling. Translated, that formula it’s doubtless you’ll maybe maybe toss it around more with out effort. The YZ tranquil isn’t the top doubtless-cornering bike on the note, but that has more to create with vitality provide. By in model standards, the YZ has a extremely exhausting hit. It takes a expert formula to roll on the vitality lawful the lawful quantity as you launch your turn. This isn’t the relaxation contemporary to two-stroke riders, but if you happen to’re transitioning wait on to a YZ250 after spending time on a four-stroke, you’ll deserve to relearn the magic contact. The YZ250 has a more sturdy hit than even a KTM 250SX, which ramps up earlier, has a worthy wider powerband and revs better.

Whether or no longer the 2022 YZ250 runs any differently due to its contemporary airbox is arguable. The jetting is unchanged, and the bike’s manners are the same as repeatedly. It’s swish entertaining down low and has most attention-grabbing a mark of detonation below a load. That’s the formula it’s repeatedly been; it’s doubtless you’ll maybe maybe well assume that if airflow were vastly diversified, the detonation may maybe maybe well in actuality be more pronounced. It’s no longer. Some riders combine in moderately walk gas, but it completely’s no longer most important except you set up an aftermarket pipe.


Engine kind: Energy-valve, case-reed two-stroke

Displacement: 250cc

Bore & stroke: 66.4mm x 72.0mm

Gas provide: 38mm Keihin PWK w/TPI and vitality jet

Gas tank skill: 1.8 gal.

Transmission: 5-lumber

Lights coil: No

Spark arrestor: No

EPA lawful: No

Weight, no gas: 217 lb.

Wheelbase: 58.5”

Ground clearance: 14.2”

Seat high: 38.2”

Entrance tire: Dunlop MX33F 80/100-21

Rear tire: Dunlop MX33 90/100-19

Fork: KYB inverted, adj rebound, comp, 11.8” bolt

Shock: KYB, piggyback, adj. preload, comp, rebound, 12.4” bolt

Nation of foundation: Japan

Mark: $7799


The right ask is unchanged. It isn’t about the light YZ250 versus the contemporary one. It’s about asking your self if you happen to’re a two-stroke man or no longer. For racing, there’s most attention-grabbing a minute window of stipulations where a YZ250 has an earnings over a four-stroke. Whenever you happen to may maybe maybe well personalized-scream a note with loamy dirt, dazzling traction and tender soar faces, a YZ250 is in its component. There’s no bike that’s as worthy relaxing and efficient. Unfortunately, splendid stipulations cherish that don’t last long. As quickly as the note dries out and the jumps get hooked and rutted, the YZ250 is more demanding. The suspension parts may maybe maybe well be the same as these of a Yamaha four-stroke, but on a tough note, the four-stroke will work worthy better. Perhaps it’s these gyroscopic forces as soon as more, but a conventional 450 four-stroke will trek sooner and straighter and get properly traction. The controversy will get more attention-grabbing if you happen to’re evaluating a YZ250 to a YZ250F. There, the 250 four-stroke can beget an earnings within the tough stuff, but the YZ250 can beget a horsepower earnings. Whenever you happen to’ll get the traction, you will like any 250F alive.

None of these info are contemporary, and none may be the deciding ingredient in somebody’s resolution to trek two-stroke. Within the gargantuan portray, nothing has in actuality changed, and the contemporary YZ250 maintains its train in dwelling. It’s a relaxing bike with dazzling vitality and the top doubtless suspension within the two-stroke world. Now, it does that moderately more model.

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