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2023: APC chieftain urges Tinubu to be a kingmaker, unite celebration by backing South-East

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•Asiwaju Bola Tinubu
ABUJA – The Director-Classic of Tell of Nigeria (VON) and foundation member of the ruling All Modern Congress (APC), Mr Osita Okechukwu, has instructed the national chief of the APC and archaic Lagos Utter Governor, Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu to be a kingmaker, jettison his presidential ambition and again a youthful candidate from the south in step with the zoning convention.

He acknowledged, “If one is consulted by our national chief, His Excellency, Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu on whether or no longer he would perhaps well tranquil bustle or no longer for the exalted office of the President of Nigeria in 2023, my candid advice will seemingly be that he would perhaps well tranquil tell his plentiful Almighty God’s endowment to unite the APC, and unite the South and by extension our liked country, by backing a candidate from the South-East.”

Okechukwu instructed Tinubu to throw his weight in the again of a youthful person from the South, especially the South-East geopolitical zone to emerge because the president in 2023.

Tinubu by so doing, Okechukwu acknowledged, would possess united the south with out slay; as some northerners possess complained that why they’re reluctant to increase southern candidates is thanks to lack harmony amongst the two major geopolitical zones in the south.

The VON boss posited that if Tinubu widens his search he’ll absolutely fetch a genuine candidate from the South-East who will with out effort defeat presumed candidate of the PDP, archaic Vice President, Atiku Abubakar.

In step with him, by so doing Tinubu would possess wittingly musty one stone to raze two birds – unite the APC, and unite the South and by extension, the whole country.

He made this submission whereas appealing questions from journalists on the 2021 Eke Day in Abuja on Sunday.

He emphasised that it’d be statesmanlike for Asiwaju to be a kingmaker than throwing his hat into the ring.

Asked why Tinubu would perhaps well tranquil be restricted to simply kingmaker and no longer tobe the king himself, Okechukwu argued that, “the scriptures acknowledged there is time for every thing which occurs on earth. Am one amongst those Buharists who possess enormous respect for Asiwaju for the serious supplement he added to Buhari’s 12 million Vote-Monetary institution, which resulted in our 2015 presidential election victory. It is no longer some degree out feat, whereas you possess that with Buhari’s Vote-Monetary institution, we had been unable to method shut in 2003, 2007 and 2011, till the merger of the legacy political occasions, where Tinubu played major role.”

On whether or no longer there is agreement between Tinubu and Buhari in 2015 to be his running mate in the presidential election, Okechukwu answered,

“I don’t know of any agreement, on the alternative hand as I acknowledged, the scriptures posit that there is time for every thing which occurs on this planet. All I know is that there used to be raging debate on the proprietary of Muslim/Muslim trace as as to whether or no longer it is miles going to be certain victory of the APC on the 2015 presidential election. This used to be what to the one amongst my data which denied Tinubu the Vice Presidential slot and no longer the scanty insinuation of breach of agreement. The size of Muslim/Muslim trace used to be weighty unlike in 1993 Abiola/Kingibe trace. It used to be thoroughly debated and dropped, for defeat phobia.”

He insisted that President Buhari didn’t breach any agreement with Tinubu, but it absolutely used to be realpolitik at play.

Okechukwu acknowledged given the foregoing background, Tinubu would etch his establish in gold if he utilises his Almighty God’s endowed sources to increase anybody from the South East to be Nigeria president of Igbo extraction.

Asked why would perhaps well tranquil Tinubu increase a South-East candidate as a substitute of his protege, the Vice President, Yemi Osinbajo, who is meters a long way flung from the presidency, he maintained that the rotation started from the South-West in 1999 and therefore, going by fairness and natural justice the South-East would perhaps well tranquil be allowed to construct the President in 2023.

“One, it is miles thanks to the zoning convention which has dominated the 4th Republic since 1999, a convention which states that the president would perhaps well tranquil rotate between north and south. It started in 1999 from the South-West with Chief Olusegun Obasanjo as president. Secondly, our brothers in the South-South had their turn to preside over Nigeria. South-East is the one geopolitical zone in the south which has no longer presided over Nigeria along with the six months of the leisurely Classic Aguiyi Ironsi’s stint. This weird and wonderful statesmanlike Tinubu’s gesture will unite the south, for many had bemoaned the shortcoming of synergy between politicians from both the South-East and South-West geopolitical zones.”

On whether or no longer he’s ruling Tinubu out thanks to age, Okechukwu acknowledged removed from it. “Whereas one can no longer canvas age in any specific formulation; we at identical time want generational transformation.”

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