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2023: Jonathan and South-South as Nigeria’s wisest card

by Good News

Isa Garba Printed 13 January 2022It has change into evident that judging from the relentless strain being mounted on gentle President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan by strength brokers in the North, GEJ and, pointless to bid, the South-South geopolitical zone maintain assumed the fitting lens in which the difficulty of strength shift is perfect viewed as we progressively switch nearer to the 2023 total elections.It’s crucial to replicate on the incontrovertible truth that the difficulty of strength rotation has been a source of stress among the many Nigerian political elite since Nigeria rejoined the comity of democratic nations in 1999. Here is evident in the procedure the political elites are already clamouring for where strength needs to be shifted to in 2023 when Nigeria will behavior but one other total election.It will probably presumably be recalled that as soon as Nigeria returned to democratic rule in 1999, after a few years of defense force rule, every the Peoples Democratic Regain collectively and the defunct Alliance for Democracy fielded Chief Olusegun Obasanjo and Chief Olu Falae respectively, it looks to set particular strength shifted to the South to, among other things, silent frayed nerves among the many Yoruba these that felt that they had been shortchanged by the annulment of the 1999 presidential election received by a Yoruba industry magnate, Chief Moshood Kashimawo Abiola.On the pause of the day, Obasanjo, who contested the election on the platform of the PDP, emerged victorious in the election and served out his two terms of eight years moderately than enterprise.  In its effort to withhold a political balance among the many various geopolitical zones in the country, the PDP decided to introduce what’s identified at the present time because the zoning formula which — though was as soon as now now not in the nation’s rule e-book: the Constitution — was as soon as in total authorized as one of many ways to entrench peace in the country.Expectedly, the zoning formula of the PDP in the 2007 total election favoured the North, which resulted in the occasion’s presidential candidate, Alhaji Shehu Musa Yar’adua, a hit the election.  Sadly, Yar’adua took ill and later died halfway into his administration.After his demise, Jonathan, who was as soon as the then Vice President, as stipulated by the structure accomplished the the relaxation two years of Yar’adua.Expectedly, in 2015, it was as soon as anticipated that President Jonathan needs to be allowed to full his second tenure of four years, but it dramatically turned out that strength, hasty as soon as all over again, returned to the North when Predominant Customary Muhammadu Buhari (retd.) received the presidential election on the platform of the All Progressives Congress.  Now that President Buhari is on the final lap of his eight-365 days tenure, the difficulty already rocking the political arena is which of the six geopolitical zones of the country need to assemble the next President.Below the “gentleman settlement” inner the capability blocs of the PDP in 2007, which is at the present time identified as “zoning formula,” the southern feature of the country was as soon as speculated to assemble the next President. Nonetheless, following dissenting voices, in particular inner the ruling APC, this “gentleman settlement” is being threatened.Despite the dissenting voices, on the other hand, there has been an enormous marketing campaign in the North and among influential southern political elites that strength need to shift to the South in the approaching 2023 total elections.Other than the 17 southern governors, who at their meeting a whereas ago resolved that strength need to rotate to the feature, political elites, childhood groups, civil society organisations and individual political heavyweights from the North maintain drummed their toughen that strength need to this time round rotate to the South.Excellent among northerners that unanimously spoke against the proponents, who judge strength needs to be decided basically basically based completely on competence and against zoning, are from the North-West and North-Central geopolitical zones of the country.Also in toughen of the capability shift to the southern segment of the country are well-known politicians from the Heart-Belt, who had been honest honest currently quoted to maintain acknowledged that they are fully in toughen of the rotational presidency and judge that it is the time for the South to lead Nigeria.Governor Samuel Ortom of Benue Convey, for occasion, acknowledged he believes that perfect equity, equity and justice can enhance the team spirit of Nigeria; give all electorate a sense of belonging and lower tensions across the country.One other well-known flesh presser from the North-East, whereas throwing his weight at the abet of these clamouring for strength to be shifted to the South, acknowledged he is of the glance that zoning the presidency to the South in the approaching poll is a well-known to nationwide team spirit and inclusivity.To illustrate, the Borno Convey Governor, Prof Babagana Zulum, acknowledged, “I the truth is maintain acknowledged it occasions without quantity that I am of the glance that the presidency need to hunch to the South in the 365 days 2023 for the reason that team spirit of our country is terribly essential.“Secondly, inclusivity is terribly essential. Thirdly, I am in the All Progressives Congress. Six or seven years ago, APC had zoned the presidency to Northern Nigeria basically basically based completely on the settlement that, in 2023, the presidency need to hunch to the South.”For some well-known politicians from the North-Central, though the basis of rotating strength is now now not enshrined in the Nigerian Constitution, it is miles a political practice that need to be revered.Talking in an interview on Channels Tv’s breakfast programme, Ruin of day Day after day, Governor Zulum appealed to his occasion, the APC to zone the presidency to the South. In accordance with him, rotating the feature of enterprise of the President between the North and South will give electorate the sense of belonging mandatory for the trend of the nation.As the 2023 election draws nearer, one need to request political occasions to take a seat and come in up with workable formulas that will consequence in victory. While agitating for a strength shift, political elites need to also endure in mind the team spirit of this country.At a time some ingredients of southern Nigeria are complaining of marginalisation and all that, shortchanging them by now now not abiding by the zoning formula, though it is miles now not in the structure, will form extra apprehension among them.In a plural country like Nigeria, there could be nothing inappropriate with strength rotation. No feature has a monopoly of strength. Through this political affiliation, every feature will be equally represented. Attributable to this truth, the rotation of the presidency is able to addressing the difficulty of strength dominance by particular areas or tribes in the country.Since a increased allotment of stakeholders are of the glance that strength shifting to the South this time would be particular peace in the country because it is miles more seemingly to silent frayed nerves, in particular in the areas of violent agitation for self-actualisation, political elites will deserve to maintain a re-judge and gain a technique to midwife the return of political strength to the southern segment of Nigeria in this form of technique that your complete country could be the very best beneficiary.Understandably, here is where these at the abet of the switch to persuade GEJ to come to strength in 2023 to full his second tenure of four years anchor their argument and they’re correct. Nigeria’s best doubtless political exigency at the moment is its staggering team spirit and protracted nationwide security deny.Nigeria’s wisest card as we crawl nearer to the all-essential 2023 is GEJ and South-South card. For all folks who judge in Nigeria and its silent co-existence, here is a clarion call to enhance this switch.Garba is a political scientist basically basically based completely in KadunaCopyright PUNCH.All rights reserved. This self-discipline cloth, and other digital snarl material on this web area, could presumably also now now not be reproduced, printed, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed in complete or in segment without prior explicit written permission from PUNCH. Contact:

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