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A short history of the upward push, tumble of Sri Lanka’s president

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A short history of the upward push, tumble of Sri Lanka’s president

COLOMBO, Sri Lanka (AP) — Sooner than he fled Sri Lanka on Wednesday amid a crushing financial crisis, President Gotabaya Rajapaksa turned into the closing of six contributors of the nation’s most influential household gathered clinging to vitality.

Rajapaksa, his wife and two bodyguards flew to the metropolis of Male, the capital of the Maldives, fixed with an immigration first fee who spoke on the situation of anonymity attributable to the sensitivity of the downside.

His departure comes four days after big crowds broke into his first fee keep of dwelling and occupied his seaside keep of dwelling of enterprise, and he pledged to leave the nation. Protesters moreover stormed the keep of dwelling of Top Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe, who has acknowledged he’ll leave once a new authorities is in keep of dwelling.

Here’s a closer glimpse on the upward push and tumble of Rajapaksa:



For a long time, the excellent land-owning Rajapaksa household had dominated local politics of their rural southern district earlier than Mahinda Rajapaksa turned into elected president in 2005. Appealing to the nationalist sentiment of the island’s Buddhist-Sinhalese majority, he led Sri Lanka staunch into a triumphant victory over ethnic Tamil rebels in 2009, ending a 26-300 and sixty five days brutal civil battle that had divided the nation. His younger brother, Gotabaya, turned into a sturdy first fee and defense force strategist in the Ministry of Defense.

Mahinda remained slightly than enterprise until 2015, when he lost to the opposition led by his ragged aide. However the household made a comeback in 2019, when Gotabaya gained the presidential election on a promise to restore security in the wake of the Easter Sunday terrorist suicide bombings that killed 290 folk.

He vowed to remark reduction the muscular nationalism that had made his household well appreciated by the Buddhist majority, and to e-book the nation out of an financial dawdle with a message of stability and construction.

Instead, he made a series of lethal mistakes that ushered in an unprecedented crisis.


As tourism plunged in the wake of the bombings and international loans on controversial construction projects — including a port and an airport in the president’s home space — wished to be repaid, Rajapaksa didn’t hearken to financial advisers and pushed thru the excellent tax cuts in the nation’s history. It turned into intended to spur spending, but critics warned it would maybe well well cleave the authorities’s funds. Pandemic lockdowns and an in wretched health-instructed ban on chemical fertilizers extra anguish the fragile economy.

The nation soon ran out of cash and couldn’t repay its plentiful money owed. Shortages of meals, cooking gasoline, gasoline and treatment stoked public enrage at what many saw as mismanagement, corruption and nepotism.


The household’s unravelling began in April, when rising protests pressured three Rajapaksa family members, including the finance minister, to stop their Cupboard posts and one more to leave his ministerial job. In Can also, authorities supporters attacked protesters in a wave of violence that left 9 needless. The enrage of the protesters turned against Mahinda Rajapaksa, who turned into pressured to resign as prime minister and took refuge on a heavily fortified naval rotten.

However Gotabaya refused to gallop, triggering chants in the streets of “Gota Disappear Residence!” Instead, he saw his savior in Wickremesinghe, a seasoned opposition politician who he introduced in to e-book the nation out of the abyss. In a roundabout intention, nonetheless, Wickremesinghe lacked the political heft and public support wished to get the job performed.


Connected Press journalist Krishan Francis contributed to this account.

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