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Adamu Garba requires replace of country’s name, Nigeria

by Good News

A 2023 presidential aspirant on the platform of the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC), Adamu Garba, on Tuesday, April 26, 2022, called for the replace of Nigeria’s name.

Garba stated many worldwide locations in Africa modified their colonial names after independence, nevertheless Nigeria stuck to the name with all its attendant minuses. The 39-twelve months-oldschool therefore asked the country to scoot encourage to being called Nigritia.

Nigritia, or Negroland is an extinct term in European mapping, regarding Europeans’ descriptions of West Africa as an dwelling populated with negroes. The stylish nation of Nigeria is within the heart. The term is doubtless to be an instantaneous translation of the Arabic term Bilad as-Sudan, which formula “Land of the Blacks”, equivalent to concerning the identical dwelling.

“If Ghana can replace its name from the Colonial Gold Wing, Kenya from British East Africa, Benin from Dahomey, Togo from Togoland, etc, why would Nigeria capture a colonially led to name?

“We must restful rename this country encourage to its pre-colonial NIGRITIA.

“Identification is all the pieces,” Garba stated in a Facebook put up.

Reacting to the trend, Garba, who as of late announced his procedure to be part of the presidential bustle, stated the designate model is tantamount to purchasing political offices.

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