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Arena Boys Mercilessly Beat Wrong Dresser In Lagos

by Good News

Good News –

A Nigerian crossdresser purchased more than he bargained for after he was critically attacked by some home boys who tore his clothes and left him with injuries and no foot wear at a motor park in Lagos bid.

Within the video that has surfaced online, the but-to be known crossdresser was viewed grasping for air after he was critically manhandled by the home boys who felt aggravated by his visible female attributes.

Naija Info understands that the attack is coming, days after a group of LGBT (Lesbian, Contented, Bisexual, Transgender) advocates stormed the streets of Abuja to request that the ‘Wrong Dressers Bill’ which was no longer too long ago proposed on the Nationwide Assembly, Abuja, in April 2022, be revoked.

Naija Info reports that a bill prohibiting irascible-dressing and proposing a six-month jail term for offenders was no longer too long ago read on the bottom of the Residence of Representatives.

The bill states that, “a particular person taking part in crossdressing is responsible of an offence and at possibility of imprisonment of 6 months or to a sexy of 5 hundred thousand naira.”

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