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Bestiality: Nigeria dangers epidemic outbreak, professional warns

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Over the weekend, studies of the novel and trending industry of females having intercourse with dogs made the rounds on social media.

When a viral Tik-Tok video of a mild-skinned girl presumed to be having intercourse with a dog hit the net over the weekend, Nigerians strongly condemned the act.

PREMIUM TIMES couldn’t straight away confirm the authenticity of the video reportedly shot in Nigeria.

But, the Nigeria Police on Saturday declared the girl within the viral video wanted and acknowledged bestiality videos online wouldn’t be tolerated.

The Pressure Public Relations Officer, Muyiwa Adejobi, vowed that the police would apprehend the girl within the viral video.

In an interview with PREMIUM TIMES a medical doctor with abilities in sexual & reproductive health, Damian Avar, speaks on the medical and health implications of beastility (sexual family members between a human being and a lower animal).

PT: There maintain been studies of younger Nigerian females inspiring in sexual intercourse with animals for some monetary remunerations. What are the implications of folk having intercourse with animals?

Dr Avar: With bestiality, which is having sexual intercourse with a non-human animal, on this case, dogs, it would possibly per chance well per chance be necessary to ticket that some of us maintain intercourse with goats, tortoises, and the esteem.

There are some infections we call zoonosis infections. A zoonosis infection is an infection that springs from animal to man. In this case, zoonosis infections, esteem rabies, Kurthia Gibsonii, and brucellosis are examples of infections that can moreover be transmitted from an animal. For no matter motive, the animal is sexually having contact with a human.

PT: How abominable are these zoonotic infections?

Dr Avar: The subject with zoonotic infections is that every so ceaselessly when these infections fetch real into a human, it begins to adapt, and it becomes a subject.

If the infection evolves in an animal, it couldn’t escalate. Then again, when folk fetch infected, it becomes a severe subject.

Over the years, now we maintain considered cases where we dealt with human health pandemics that needed to carry out straight or indirectly with zoonotic infection.

The subject right here is that there would possibly per chance well be a ability raid of zoonosis infection or linked issues that can reason a world health subject. But, if the practice of bestiality persists, especially within the extremely congested Lagos Converse, lets request one other health pandemic from this section of the sphere.

PT: Is zoonosis simplest sexually transmitted?

Dr Avar: It’s a long way doubtless that some zoonosis is no longer sexually transmitted diseases from animal to man, for instance, brucellosis. Brucellosis is an infection that micro organism can reason. Folks can fetch the disease after they approach in contact with infected animals or animal products obnoxious with the micro organism.

Additionally, some tumours and cancers can arise from sure bestiality, for instance, penile most cancers.

PT: Slumbering with an animal attracts 14 years imprisonment in Nigeria. Medically, is bestiality a simply practice?

Dr Avar: In Nigeria on the novel time, bestiality is an illegal practice. It quantities to a 14-years jail assertion if convicted.

Therefore medically talking or going by the build of the law, bestiality is no longer speculated to happen the least bit, in spite of the monetary returns. Folks practising it are inexcusable.

While you fetch a zoonotic infection that causes a world pandemic, it would also have an effect on of us’s day-to-day actions, appropriate as we had no longer too long ago. Therefore, no matter how much a particular person is equipped, bestiality is against the law and, as such, be treated as one.

PT: What about these who naturally in actuality feel sexually attracted to animals?

Dr Avar: There would possibly per chance be a distinction between bestiality and zoophilia. Zoophilia is the condition of having an emotional and sexual attraction of a human being to animals. It can be a dog, a goat and even a snake. That’s zoophilia. But, when a particular person has a sexual, emotional and romantic attraction or want for a particular animal, it would possibly per chance maybe most likely most likely be described as Ophidiophilia, and it’s no longer appropriate restricted to sexual interests. There would possibly per chance well be paraphilia.


Ophidiophobia is a subcategory of zoophilia, the sexual attraction to animals normally.

Folks with Ophidiophilia are most ceaselessly known as Ophidiophiles. Ophidiophilies don’t continually appear as sexual attraction, and some of us are attracted to snakes on a platonic (non-sexual) stage.

PT: Is it doubtless for a particular person to be a zoophile and no longer be mad about bestiality?

Dr Avar: Yes, we can respect a zoophile mute no longer engaged in bestiality. It happens when a particular person has an emotional attachment to an animal but does no longer grasp in sexual intercourse with that animal.

Despite the undeniable reality that these practising bestialities are doing it due to the the monetary reward, they’ll no longer be called zoophiles.

It’s a long way necessary to distinguish between bestiality and zoophilia, but moreover, that it’s doubtless you’ll moreover’t maintain an emotional and sexual attachment to animals and no longer grasp in bestiality. Therefore as a zoophile, it’s doubtless you’ll be robotically going against the law.

Then again, zoophile is regarded as a dysfunction and a sexual deviant.

PT: Include there been pandemic outbreaks due to the bestiality?

Dr Avar: There are several cases where bestiality has resulted in outbreaks. No longer too long ago, we heard that the insist of COVID-19. It can moreover simply maintain been a result of zoonotic infection. As I acknowledged, the zoonotic infection does no longer point out basically thru sexual intercourse. It can be that you just got in contact with such an animal and got infected with the disease.

The first history of AIDS is believed to be a zoonotic infection. It’s doubtless the principle particular individual that got the disease must maintain picked it up from an animal.

In other cases, some of us operate no longer maintain a sexual relationship with an animal, but they’re appropriate uncovered to the animal.

Zoonotic infections are natural, and it has been occurring since time immemorial. Aloof, that it’s doubtless you’ll moreover’t pinpoint if a virus resulted from any sexual intercourse between one man and an animal.

PT: Is there a cure for zoonotic infections?

Dr Avar: Zoonotic infections maintain some medical treatments, but they want to be detected and treated on time.

PT: How can zoophiles end the act?

Dr Avar: A zoophile is a sexual deviant, and a particular person within the kind of condition must watch medical abet.

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