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BOAZ Rebrands To Raise Apex Of Provider And Technology-Enabled Alternatives

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https://www.boazintegrated.com/Boaz Constructed-in Energy (BOAZ) has rebranded and unveiled its contemporary emblem to re-intention to offer cutting-edge services and products in the oil and gasoline trade.

“The Firm has done its rebranding program according to the contemporary opportunities for technology-enabled alternate choices in the energy sector,” stated Adeola Adebari, the Chief Executive Officer for BOAZ.

“He extra stated, “Our visual identity is an significant piece of the BOAZ Set. Every trust the contemporary emblem modified into in moderation crafted to characterize the firm’s dynamism and ahead-thinking positioning within the Oil and Gas Servicing Industry, and the energy dwelling at expansive. Indeed, that is a significant milestone for us as a firm”.

BOAZ supplies innovative alternate choices to manufacturing and reservoir administration challenges for the oil and gasoline trade in partnership with technology companies equivalent to Roke, Blue Spark, Jorin, and Files Science Nigeria.

The contemporary mark captures the firm’s readiness to support the trade’s renewed point of curiosity on maximizing closing hydrocarbon recovery utilizing tag-effective alternate choices, leveraging digital applied sciences, transitioning to renewable energies as successfully as maximizing returns on investments through gain, quality, and sustainable alternate choices.

Here is the contemporary visual identity of the Firm:

Per the CEO, the rationale on the help of the contemporary emblem is in alignment with the strategic intent of the firm. “Our contemporary emblem contains two main ingredients: BOAZ typeface and Apex Wheel Icon. The Apex Wheel Icon is a stylized ‘A’ that features ahead within a wheel or ‘O’.  These two ingredients characterize our pressure to offer the apex of provider and technology within the energy trade which is in alignment with our corporate strategic intent. It is vital to point out that the Apex features ahead, indicating that we’re disruptive, ready, and welcoming to change the intention quo and the arrangement in which industry is performed within oil and gasoline servicing in Sub-Saharan Africa. This for certain is complemented by the wheel or ‘O’ which is also all about shifting ahead”.

It is a known indisputable truth that the oil and gasoline trade has undergone main adjustments in most recent cases, which possess basically modified the arrangement in which things are performed in the trade. Because the trade heals from the debilitating twin impact of tag wars and the COVID-19 pandemic, industry leaders possess learnt to diagram things in another arrangement as evidenced by the increased adoption of inexperienced alternate choices and digital technology enhancements. These adjustments require contemporary thinking. BOAZ contemporary mark speaks to this contemporary thinking in that the Firm is poised to deploy its innovative applied sciences in the trade.

About a of the flagship alternate choices of the Firm consist of Quad Reservoir Saturation Logging Technology, Wireline Utilized Stimulation (WASP) Technology, and Visual Route of Analyser (ViPA) Technology. Their advantages are highlighted below:

Quad: For reservoir saturation size, fluid contacts, lithology, porosity, clay quantity, and relative bulk density.

WASP: For wellbore cleansing, removal of scales, fines, and debris from shows, perforations, downhole subsurface security valves, gasoline salvage valves, and tons others.

ViPA: For produced water administration, manufacturing chemical optimization, and ground manufacturing equipment optimization.

https://www.boazintegrated.com/applied sciences

Plugged in repeatedly into ahead-thinkingAt the guts of the rebranding program is a renewal of the Firm’s corporate vision and mission statements to stress its expanded point of curiosity on the energy trade. The Firm also renewed its Corporate Tradition with a brand contemporary corporate survey for its web dwelling.

BOAZ CultureOne of the Firm’s Directors, Abimbola Onaolapo, gave some perception into the contemporary corporate custom of the firm. “Our gain corporate custom is per our shared values, represented by our name BOAZ. We’re BOAZ, we stand for:

B: Boldly rising to challenges through innovation, excellence, and teamwork

O: Duty to exceed customers’ expectations, repeatedly.

A: Performing with Integrity and Admire

Z: Zero injury to people, sources, and the atmosphere

Here’s what we characterize.”

The contemporary BOAZ mark signifies the Firm’s dedication to stay innovative, nimble, and agile in characterize to help its customers diagram valorous needs and end sooner than the curve in the next identical outdated.

BOAZ…. developing tag, unearthing possibilities.

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