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Column: Texas Gov. Greg Abbott signed the nation’s hardest abortion law. Changed into it idea or posturing?

by Good News

In 2014, the Republican attorney total of Texas, Greg Abbott, confronted Democratic dispute Sen. Wendy Davis in a gubernatorial contest that drew worldwide attention.

Davis turned a mega-celeb — book contract, magazine covers, talking tour — after seizing the Senate floor in Austin and filibustering for nearly 15 hours in make stronger of abortion rights. Tens of tens of millions of bucks flooded her marketing and marketing and marketing campaign.

Aloof, Abbott clobbered Davis in a single of the excellent Texas landslides in years, extending a prolonged fable of futility by hapless Democrats. (Their last statewide clutch came in 1994, inspire when Amazon used to be based and NBC aired the pilot episode of “Mates.”)

Abortion wasn’t the central focal point of the scramble many had expected. Issues care for immigration and healthcare and a backlash to the Obama administration were greater components in Abbott’s clutch. At the second, he had yet to signal into law the nation’s most stringent antiabortion invoice.

More on that in a second.

In a book published for the length of the selling and marketing and marketing campaign, Davis printed she had terminated two pregnancies, together with one attributable to an inaccurate fetal abnormality. Abbott restated his prolonged-standing space on abortion, opposing the job in all cases, set when the lifetime of a mother used to be endangered.

Then, lower than two weeks sooner than election day, the Los Angeles Instances published an article on the governor’s scramble that included Abbott’s stance on abortion. His marketing and marketing and marketing campaign straight away asked for a correction, announcing Abbott had shifted his ogle and “now supports a Texas law that allows abortions to utilize dispute up to 20 weeks of being pregnant for any reason.”

It’s a little footnote to a prolonged-past marketing and marketing and marketing campaign. But it’s a uncommon one, provided that Abbott earlier this 365 days signed the invoice effectively banning abortion in Texas by outlawing it after about six weeks of being pregnant. That’s sooner than many women even know they’re pregnant.

There are no exceptions for circumstances involving incest or rape, even supposing Abbott provided his assurance the dispute would “work tirelessly to produce obvious that we keep away with all rapists from the streets of Texas by aggressively going out and appealing them and prosecuting them.”

As if it were that simple.

So what came about? Why did Abbott commerce his space on abortion within the waning days of the 2014 scramble, publicly adopting a a long way extra permissive stance, then signal into law the nation’s tightest restrictions, alongside with a bounty map that allows private residents to position in force the shut to-total ban?

Abbott’s press shop did no longer respond to requests for comment. So here’s a wager: Working for a third term in 2022, the governor is facing Republican challengers seeking to outflank him within the March 1 valuable by working to Abbott’s appropriate.

(Several Democrats are additionally bidding for governor, together with the aged phenom Beto O’Rourke, however they face very prolonged odds of prevailing in November.)

Abbott’s most pugnacious opponent, dilapidated dispute Sen. Don Huffines, is using a little phase of his private fortune to sign the governor as a realistic — by Texas GOP standards that’s Karl Marx territory — and promote himself as “an precise Republican.”

Abbott is politically conservative. There’s no request about that. But with Huffines dogging him, the governor has moved even additional to the true, reversing his space on COVID-19 mandates and prohibiting faculties, firms and native governments from imposing such requirements. He has additionally, amongst other moves, echoed Huffines’ name for Texas to produce its delight in wall alongside the border with Mexico.

Assuming he wins reelection, the 64-365 days-old Abbott is being talked about as a prospective presidential candidate in 2024, following within the steps of his two most modern Republican predecessors, George W. Bush and Rick Perry. He even has among the same political advisors who labored for Perry.

Abbott has a recognition in Austin for twisting care for a climate vane, looking on the prevailing Republican winds. Given his national ambitions, his flip-flops are price noting.

If he’s that malleable on an argument as deeply felt as abortion, what does it yell about Abbott’s core beliefs and what he stands for? Moreover successful dispute of enterprise, that is.

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