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Eric Amoako Twum writes: The Politics of values—earlier than the NPPs National Delegates Conference

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Democracy is now not appropriate a situation of establishments but additionally a situation of values. The establishments are, minimally speaking, free and superb elections, an elected Parliament containing an executive and an Opposition to protect it accountable, an unbiased judiciary, a nonpartisan paperwork, a free media, and safety of existence for all citizens.

Democratic values encompass the flexibility to accommodate a diverse range of viewpoints that requires civility of habits, a commitment to egalitarian ideals, the postulate of universal citizenship — encompassing rights but additionally tasks, allowing all sections of the populace to be heard whatever the louder suppose of the majority, and, a fashioned commitment to the total superb over particular person wishes.

The connection between democratic establishments and democratic values is symbiotic: The stale are there to safeguard the latter and to exemplify them of their non-public habits. In flip, the indispensable democratic cost is admire for establishments. Thus, both establishments and values are obligatory for any country to be democratic.

Elections are thus a key indicator of the health of a democracy and are a cosmopolitan mechanism interesting ratios of population size to the amount of representatives, calendars, machines and processes.

Elections are however quick term contests, however the political mission of democracy is a protracted game; building a democratic polity requires the meticulous building of sturdy establishments whereas also cultivating the values connected to it.

These values are now not esoteric or man made and loads exist already in society akin to total decency in speech, studying to stay with the Opposition, cooperating with all americans in total reason, taking part in by the foundations even after they are in my notion inconvenient, and so on — on yarn of they are obligatory to stay with others. But they don’t appear to be the simplest values to undertake on yarn of they engage discipline and self-cultivation, and the work of constructing a democracy is to identify and cultivate them and have them obligatory to the exchange of politics and social existence.

No country or citizen is born democratic, they are made so. These values and establishments also need protection on yarn of they are inclined — they engage years to develop but is also uprooted in days.

Ogle within the arriving days, within the historical Garden metropolis; Kumasi(Ashanti Region),at our National Delegates Congress, as the NPP demonstrates how wholesomely we commit to our segment within the exercise of our democratic suggestions in solidarity….

To my patriots, Whatever is sexy. Whatever is important. Whatever brings you happiness. Would perchance or now not it be yours this vacation season and within the route of the arriving one year.

To my constituents, here is to a happy original and a smartly-remembered past! I carry a tumbler to you this festive and prolong most efficient wishes for the season.

To Ghana, our hopes, our wishes, our imaginative and prescient of a prosperous Country; it’s imaginable collectively!

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