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Eternal peace? Not likely

by Good News

Letters to the Editor


18 Hrs In the past

Steve Alvarez –

THE EDITOR: Every morning earlier than we open work one of my workers would choose me in discussions on social points, politics, faith and science. An even young man. In the end he acknowledged to me, “The boss, if we post to the universe we plot in peace, we would be lying. We’re now no longer a tranquil folks.”

I belief at measurement about how profound and honest his bid turned into once. I belief of the archaic civilisations the place towns and villages had been safe by walls, now to no longer preserve out ferocious animals, however to preserve out man.

I belief of the many holy books that praised warriors and troopers supposedly aided by the supreme in the destruction of males.

I contemplated on religions that had particular courts to persecute of us that dare to take into consideration in any other contrivance. The many burnt at the stake, the tortured, the many killed in religious wars, the bombers that extinguish many with the hope that such acts please God.

Man has been the one real being accountable for killing millions of his fellow males for practically every likely reason there is. Faith, differing suggestions, property, girls, vitality and greed. We’ve created swords, guns, bombs, knives and now weapons of mass destruction with one plan – the killing of any other human being.

We pursue every likely reason to clarify our desire to extinguish and wreck. Hump, faith, tribe, web page, tradition, gender, politics. These and much extra are place aside forward as causes or justification for killing fellow human occupants of this planet.

If we had been to ever enter the wider universe our message of “we plot in peace” or “we are a tranquil folks” would be baseless.

Factor in for a moment there had been some angelic beings in a place known as Heaven. Since they are going to be remarkable extra sensible than we are, it’s gorgeous to assume that they’d indulge in had the capability to peep us thru our instant existence on Earth.

They would indulge in seen faith ancient as an excuse to extinguish folks and choose their lands below the guise of a reward from God. They would indulge in seen millions killed merely on epic of they had been diversified culturally and ethnically from any other. They would indulge in witnessed our preoccupation with inventing extra unsafe and lethal weapons. They would indulge in witnessed centuries of savage slavery lowering fellow humans to a contrivance now no longer as a lot as dogs.

One can handiest take into consideration the disgust and disappointment any superior being would indulge in, after taking a peep at mankind. Blessed with an abundance of meals, garments and refuge, man’s greed has averted him from guaranteeing that his brothers and sisters gain pleasure from a a lot bigger quality of existence. Man’s desires indulge in resulted in the partial destruction of the very planet on which he exists.

As we proceed alongside this route of battle, abominate, greed and self-righteousness we hope that a technique or the opposite, somewhere, some supreme being will reward us with eternal existence in a place of peace. Till we learn to admire and are residing peacefully on Earth with every other it is unlikely that many of us would be ascending anyplace tranquil.


by electronic mail

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