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Gender-responsive give a enhance to from Nigeria’s polio eradication programme to sort out COVID-19 vaccine hesitancy 

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Ibadan, 27 April 2022 – Fatunmobi Christiana, a nursing officer with simply about 30years of working abilities, is intensely neatly-identified in her neighborhood, in particular among mothers.

As matron and officer-in-designate of Idi-Ogugun Vital Effectively being Care Centre in Ibadan Oyo Negate, her mission is to make certain no shrimp one falls sufferer to polio or any other preventable childhood disease. 

With Nigeria at this time leveraging its polio networks and infrastructure to again force the COVID-19 vaccination response, female health workers enjoy Christiana were placing their abilities garnered through the years while working in polio eradication to just appropriate exercise, encouraging uptake of the COVID-19 vaccine of their local communities.

“Working on COVID-19 vaccination is corresponding to working in polio eradication; a frequent bid related to every ailments is vaccine hesitancy,” talked about Christiana. “Section of the job is to  sensitize of us so as that they most modern for vaccination and that’s precisely what now we were doing with COVID-19” she talked about. 

Christiana’s colleague, Rukayiat Okanlawon, an immunization officer in Ibadan North Local Executive Negate, agreed that abilities working as a polio frontline officer puts her in barely appropriate stead for addressing COVID-19 vaccine hesitancy. 

“We detect heaps of misinformation regarding the COVID-19 vaccine in the subject, which causes  rumors and skepticism [in communities]. I am counting on the belief built at some level of old polio vaccination campaigns to advantage uptake of the COVID-19 vaccine in my own neighborhood. Of us belief that I will no longer expose them to receive a shot that will wound them,” she talked about.

Logos, ethos, pathos, and females

In scenarios the place of us refuse vaccination, it’s up to health workers enjoy Christiana and Okanlawon to squawk about with the households and affords advice on the advantages of immunization, and dangers that stretch from low ranges of protection. Christiana firmly believes that many neatly being interventions, in conjunction with  immunization, are simplest when delivered by females. 

“As neatly as to the logical and ethical argument, females can extra without bid connect with caregivers at the doorstop as ourselves mothers, sisters, wives and daughters. For polio shall we enlighten, we empathize with fogeys when addressing considerations and explaining the significance of having their childhood immunized. That is critical in establishing belief,” she talked about.

“Nigeria turned into once in a region to eradicate wild poliovirus thanks to the employment of many vaccinators, in particular females, who sensitized communities on the significance of vaccination. I am optimistic that Nigeria would maybe also overcome COVID-19”, she added.


Achieving success


To again force the COVID-19 vaccination response, the Nigerian Executive, with give a enhance to from the World Effectively being Organization (WHO), began utilising polio networks since the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic. In step with WHO Negate Coordinator in Oyo Negate, Bassey Enya Bassey, this has helped raze critical success when it involves surveillance, contact tracing, and vaccination, with which implies that of female health workers such as Christiana.  

“The [health worker] implies that has been built at some level of the polio campaigns is even handed one of primarily the most exciting things that has came about to Nigeria, and this has been glaring when it involves the success of diverse immunization activities. The involvement of Christiana and other females as polio frontline vaccinators plays a critical characteristic in neatly being intervention and immunization companies and products,” he added.

With give a enhance to from WHO, Nigeria has been strategic with the inclusion of female polio workers all around the nation. From January 2020 to June 2021, females enjoy made up approximately 80 % of the polio frontline crew, vaccinating millions of childhood all around the nation. 


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