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German energy-hose company Karcher demands no longer to be dragged into French politics

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Issued on: 11/01/2022 – 19: 32

Valerie Pecresse, president of the Ile-de-France draw and candidate for the conservative Les Republicains (LR) occasion in the 2022 French presidential election speaks at a news conference at her Paris headquarters on January 8, 2022. © Christophe Archambault, AFP

A main German maker of tension washers and other cleaning equipment on Tuesday informed French politicians to cease relating to it amid a hotly contested presidential contest, asserting they had been giving the neighborhood a substandard title.

Karcher, a household-urge company whose distinctive yellow and murky products are synonymous with tension washers in France, demanded in an announcement “a straight away cease of all uses of its trademark.”

The declare came after rightwing candidate Valerie Pecresse promised to spruce up crime-hit suburbs and other urban areas, asserting: “Now we maintain to to find the Karcher out once more.”

The German firm denounced an “deplorable” exercise of its impress that implies a hyperlink with “violence and insecurity, even supposing… we protect critical civic values.”

It is no longer the first time Karcher has been dragged into the French political ring.

In 2005, Nicolas Sarkozy, on the time internal minister nonetheless alongside with his eyes on the presidency, vowed to receive away the “scum” of France’s gritty housing tasks with a Karcher.

Two years later, far-appropriate passe Jean-Marie Le Pen castigated Sarkozy for desperate to “Karcherise” the tasks, prompting a an analogous declare from the corporate.

“The Karcher trademark will not be any longer the “banner” of any political occasion,” it acknowledged Tuesday.

The 2 rounds of the French presidential election are residence for April, with Emmanuel Macron extensively expected to have a look at re-election, though he has no longer but officialised his advertising and marketing campaign.


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