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Global Politics – Ample of the Russophobia, says Embassy of Russia in SA

by Good News

Global Politics –

We took level to of the column “Nuke link to Eskom sabotage?” by Martin Williams printed in The Citizen on 3 November.

In a nutshell, the article is, sadly, a mere bunch of unsuitable speculations, a combination of surrealistic innuendos (accompanied by endless “seemingly”, “would perchance perhaps were”, “allegedly” and other reservations) and blatant Russophobia.

If we are to put one steady thing about it, it’d be the very fact that it’s a enthralling illustration to what we mentioned in our most modern “Different Point of view” entry, which is ready to be found on Russian Embassy’s net location – “Running Circles: Russia because the Magical Note of Western Mainstream Media” – namely, that Russia’s actions need neither proof, nor explanation and that it would possibly perchance perchance perchance even be very with out problems blamed for literally all the pieces, alongside side the weight shedding as Mr Williams is speculating.

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We’re certainly sorry to disappoint Mr Williams however the Kremlin is no longer even attentive to the weight shedding. Its world agenda within reason different this level to day.

As for Mr Williams’ empty accusations towards Russia in “interference”, we would esteem to remind that the Russian Federation has been consistently advocating the multipolar world, the put sturdy, fair, sovereign states put with every other on the foundation of the principles of mutual appreciate, determining, revenue and noninterference in countries’ domestic affairs.

Spreading chaos and instability without lengthen contradicts this foremost plot of Russia’s foreign policy, for our nation proceeds from the determining that it’s exactly stability and social peace that bring growth and right pattern for all.

Russia enjoys long-standing and mutually well-known family with SA. We’re attracted to seeing SA, our strategic accomplice and friend, as a sturdy nation.

As for the elections, Russia is committed to a clear methodology of partaking with legitimate authorities of foreign countries.

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This applies to all countries and SA is no longer any exception. Entirely South Africans get the correct to prefer SA’s future.

So, Mr Williams, we can not have faith your hypothesis that “Russia has a reputation for interfering within the election of others”.

Recently, even the FBI agreed on this – its most modern doc printed that the so-called “Russian meddling within the US election” used to be a mere fabrication.

Russia has a long history of opposing the spreading of this political memoir and blatant disinformation about itself.

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