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Global Politics – New ballotfinds how a lot we presume about Muslim American citizens’ politics

by Good News

Global Politics – (RNS) — Twenty years ago, American citizens infrequently gave their Muslim neighbors a conception. Then came 9/11, and our opinions impulsively blossomed. Twenty years later we might maybe per chance per chance moreover very successfully be past assuming that Muslims like to drop the American govt, however assorted supposed givens — that Muslims are customarily conservative, to illustrate — were challenged in a brand recent ballotthat reveals how rudimentary our notion of American Muslims might maybe per chance per chance be. 

Initiate with the finding in a brand recent ballot, commissioned by Emgage and Muslim Public Affairs Council, that Muslim American citizens voted overwhelmingly for Joe Biden in 2020, with 86% enhance. Simplest 6% voted for Donald Trump.

These numbers might maybe per chance per chance moreover merely unexcited now not surprise folks which like followed Trump’s a pair of negative feedback about Muslims, his hotly debated shuttle bans that disproportionately centered Muslim nations and the spike in anti-Muslim despise crimes below his management.

However the perceive of extra than 500 Muslim American citizens moreover provides us a represent beyond the vote into how Muslim American citizens peek the Biden administration and key domestic and foreign policies.

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It’s now not gorgeous that a majority of Muslim American citizens need the administration to combat white supremacy, Islamophobia and despise-violence, which like advise, negative consequences for Muslim American citizens. Their curiosity in addressing inequalities and adorning entry to health care, however, is extra counterintuitive for a personnel we dangle as first-generation immigrants. Bigger than three in four American Muslims enhance Medicare for All, and 78% of Muslim voters dangle the tax system is too generous to the prosperous.

“Detest Crimes, White Supremacy, Other Issues” Graphic courtesy of Switch Study

These innovative stances are less difficult to attain if one is familiar with the justice orientation of Islam, along with to the demographic makeup of the American Muslim community. One-third of Muslim households in The usa are at or below the poverty line, making Muslims the in all likelihood faith community to story low earnings stages.

These lived experiences, blended with Islamic values of caring for these that are less fortunate, tend to make voters who champion the rights of these on the margins.

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Muslim American citizens’ emotions about U.S. foreign policy moreover seem self-explanatory on the bottom: They need the Biden administration to combat the persecution of Palestinians, Uyghurs in China and Rohingya in Burma. These concerns no question replicate their vow for his or her fellow Muslims, folks that share a world Islamic vision of familyhood (ummah).

But these assumptions moreover prove to be overly simplistic. Muslim American citizens moreover need the U.S. to pursue human rights when Muslim-majority nations perpetrate atrocities against civilians (e.g., Syria), even to the level of navy force. It’s immediate-sighted and misguided to merely ascribe Muslim-centric motivations to the views of Muslim American citizens.

The an identical impulse to get up for the most susceptible, a instructing stumbled on in the Quran and the hadith alike, is visible, too, in the solutions Muslims gave in the Emgage/MPAC ballotabout discrimination that they and diverse groups face. Some 23% regarded as addressing discrimination and despise because the tip priority, while 82% mentioned white supremacists are “a extremely abundant vow.” 

Twenty years after their Muslim neighbors entered most American citizens’ consciousness, it’s time we be taught extra about this serious and impulsively growing section of the American population and a community that’s extra and extra extra flexing its political muscles in the U.S. and during the field. This handy ballotis a open.

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