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Global Politics – Nigeria at 61 and the bane of identification politics, By Majeed Dahiru

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On October 1, Nigeria marked its 61st self reliant anniversary as a notoriously rotten nation that’s essentially the most horrified poverty capital of the arena. This does now not reach as a surprise to many due to the Nigeria’s wander to nationhood has been stuttered, halted and in the break positioned on a reverse mode by its political management over the years.  The shortcoming of nationwide cohesion, which is a fundamental situation preceding any gain of socio-financial building  has been a necessary part militating against the realization of the Nigerian dream of a cohesive, solid, easy and affluent nation 61 years after independence.

 Happy that the constituent peoples of Nigeria have been irreconcilably various to such an extent that a united, cohesive and solid Nigerian nation could well moreover now not evolve from the 1914 British created nation of Nigeria, Nigeria’s founding fathers will scramble on to negotiate an self reliant nation with a federation that’s structured alongside ethno-geographic fault traces. Whereas, the significant republic Nigerian federation of three and later four areas substantially contented the requirements of fiscal federalism, its structural tension alongside ethno-geographic fault traces, which was once with out a mechanism for the assimilation and integration of Nigerians wherever they chose to reside out of doorways their convey of starting up build with stout political and financial rights prolonged to them effectively made Nigeria a nation of indigenous tribesmen of the over 500 constituent ethnic nationalities and now not a nation of voters.

 As a advertising and marketing and marketing consultant constitutional democracy, the significant republic federation, which was once structured alongside ethno-geographic fault traces inevitably, gave upward thrust to a political tradition of ethnic, regional and spiritual identification. And with identification politics changing into entrenched in the polity intended that the democratic management recruitment strategy of Nigeria’s political leaders could be essentially slip by primordial sentiments of ethnicity, convey of starting up build and religion. Due to this, the publish self reliant political management class of Nigeria of their allege in self assurance to aid their privileged positions devised sundry approach to deepen the dividing ethno-geographic fault traces by influencing their respective peoples to always align their democratic picks with their ethnicity, convey or religion. This was once how a secure foundation for a Nigerian convey that shall be more and more weakened by the ravages of identification politics up unless 2021 was once laid and concretised 61 years earlier at its independence in 1960.

Sadly, Nigeria will all all over again embrace identification politics following the transition from military to civil democratic rule in 1999. Retrogressive in nature, identification politics is divisive, parochial and bigoted and negates every norm of in fashion nation building. And if identification politics is allowed to resolve root in the political system of any nation, as has been the case of Nigeria in the 21 years of democracy, it could per chance well spread admire a cancerous cell and sap lifestyles out of that nation. Sadly, after 21 years of civil democratic rule in Nigeria the promise of dividends of democracy in the gain of improved welfare and safety of lives and properties remain largely elusive no as a consequence of the collective incorrect picks of Nigerians aligning their democratic picks with their ethnicity, convey and religion.

The purveyance of identification politics has made Nigerians every accomplices and victims of corruption introduced on financial dislocation and heightened insecurity. In identification politics the seeds of corruption have been sown. Here is so due to the the suitable reward system for identification politics is patronage at the expense of the general public treasury. Therefore, such rotten practices as nepotism, cronyism, tribalism, favouritism and all various styles of sectionalism are respectable cultural tools by the  elected and appointed representatives of the over 500 ethno-geographic groupings in authorities to extract from the usual wealth [national cake] to their respective sections of the nation. In Nigeria, corruption is normalized by tradition, sanctified by religion, rationalized by intellectuals and affirmed by politicians hence intractable.  If the precept of zoning and rotation of elected and appointive places of work amongst the competing ethno-geographic groupings in Nigeria that was once adopted by the fourth republic political leaders was once intended to accomplish certain the equitable distribution of resources, then it now not perfect did now not manufacture the purpose but in actuality resulted into the equitable distribution of loot by conniving political leaders from all divides. Due to this, Nigeria’s identification pushed political task has degenerated into a prison franchise of energy take hang of by the political elite for self provider at the expense of the general public treasury to the detriment of public provider.

Whereas Nigeria could now not be a failed convey yet, the nation is positively exhibiting refined symptoms of convey failure, which contains but now not diminutive to [a] the inability of administration of its territories and the monopoly of utilizing legitimacy of power inner those territories, [b] rising erosion of respectable authority to accomplish collective choices and [c] incapability to adequately present public products and services. It’s a necessity to level to that the causative pathogen for the afore talked about symptoms of convey failure, is always and practically the incapability of failed states to resolve their quiz of nationwide identification as a approach of reaching a united, upright, dazzling, egalitarian and solid nation convey. From British India, Somalia, Sudan to Iraq, Syria, Lebanon and Yemen, the absence of a political management that’s keen to upward thrust above primordial sentiments of ethnicity, convey and religion to manufacture a nation the build equity, equity, justice and peace reigns is essentially to blame for convey failure. Nigeria and afraid worldwide locations equivalent to Yemen, Syria, Sudan, Lebanon and Iraq have something strikingly in standard; their management recruitment processes are firmly hinged on the politics of ethno-geographic and spiritual identification, which has given upward thrust to sectional, parochial, clannish, bigoted and divisive management. 

Many Historians and political commentators have attributed Nigeria’s disaster of identification dissonance to the British colonial misadventure of lumping collectively various peoples with out grand in standard into a single geographic entity by the amalgamation act of 1914. Variously described as a ‘’mere geographic expression’’ that was once a ‘’mistake’’ Nigeria it could per chance well seem was once programed to fail even before its starting up. On the other hand, opposite to the entrenched legend that claims Nigeria is a nation of of us with too grand irreconcilable difference to be a united nation, ancient, cultural, linguistic, anthropological and sociological evidences suggests in every other case.

The peoples of Nigeria long before the British amalgamation of 1914 shared deep and shut cultural, linguistic and venerable ties inner a typical geographic set extending previous the borders of in fashion Nigeria into Benin, Niger, Cameroun and Chad republics. A largely mono racial [Black] of us, the a mode of ethnic teams, tribes and kingdoms of pre-colonial Nigeria have interacted thru diplomacy, trade and warfare fare; interactions that served as a approach of assimilation and integration of  the peoples of Nigeria long before British colonial incursion into continental Africa. There was once a pre-present venerable citizenship system in pre-colonial Nigeria, which allowed for the seamless assimilation and integration of americans, households and communities wherever they chose to reside inner Nigeria of old. If fluctuate is to be measured in term of the racial composition of a geographic entity, then a mono racial Nigeria infrequently qualifies to described as a various nation. Nigeria is easiest described as plural nation due to the the a mode of ethnic groupings equivalent to Hausa, Igbo, Yoruba, Ijaw, Nupe, Igala, Tiv, Kanuri etc., are merely a plurality of the same one huge Unlit African linguist and cultural family.

Astronomical Britain, Nigeria’s colonial master was once once a Roman colony between 43 and 410 AD. And admire the Unlit mono racial peoples of Nigeria, mono racial White Britain was once a plurality of ethnicities. Sir George Goldie who played the largest characteristic in the formation of in fashion Nigeria was once Scottish upright as Flora Shaw, the British essayist whose advice was once the title ‘’Nigeria’’ was once of Irish ancestry. At the time of amalgamation of the protectorates of the North and South of Nigeria into one entity in 1914, the British crown was once seating on the head of King George V an ethnic German who was once the grandson of Queen Victoria by her consort, Prince Albert of Germany thru their son King Edward VII. Stunning as Nigeria’s founding fathers variously identified as Igbo, Yoruba and Hausa so have been their colonial masters in my conception identifiable by their ethno-geographic ancestry. The difference was once in the skill of their colonial masters to upward thrust above primitively rigid territorial identification by adopting the usual nationwide identification of their shared geographical entity of the UK of Astronomical Britain and Northern Eire [British].  As no nation is in actuality blessed by abundance of human and pure resources, the British have been united of their concerted effort to shore up the wealth of their nation thru the acquisition of in a foreign places nation territories to lengthen trade and funding for the commercial goal appropriate thing about their fatherland. The easy economics of colonialism stays the largest lesson unlearnt by the Nigerian of us 61 years after independence.   

Majeed Dahiru, a public affairs analyst, writes from Abuja and could well moreover moreover be reached thru [email protected]   

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