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Global Politics – OFW leaders seek for out of the country voting map overhaul   

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Global Politics –

OFW leaders seek for out of the country voting map overhaul   


Jun Concepcion
Because the 2022 national elections win nearer, what’s the recent scenario on the Foreign places Absentee Voting (OAV) map?

Inexplicably and sadly, appalling and disgraceful.

Extra than 17 years attributable to the OAV map was once dwelling up in 2004, shrimp has changed – if at all – in it.

To its credit, the executive established the map to give out of the country Filipinos with a possibility to make a decision half in the country’s national elections. Rapidly after, it keep up 89 registration centers internationally in 154 areas for field registration. Recordsdata capturing machines had been additionally dwelling up at Philippine embassies and consulates. But on the present time or 17 years later, no basic  improvements were adopted and instituted to enhance and bolster the antiquated system.

Understandably, the glaring lack of consideration and previous-time to enhance the quality of the a long time traditional OAV has infuriated OFWs in different components of the area.

Eli Mua, a long-time Saudi Arabia-essentially based OFW rights advocate has every cause to fume and be inflamed over the OAV map.

“How can Pinoys right here in Saudi and in different areas in the Heart East commute long distances and even absent themselves from work correct to register as voters and solid their votes at Philippine embassy or consulate areas of work right here,” he acknowledged. “Why can’t electoral guidelines be changed to enable OFWs to solid ballots by mail?”

Eli’s sentiment and displeasure are echoed by OFWs in different components of the area.

In Hong Kong, for example, the put different transportation modes are far extra efficient and superior than these in the Philippines, Rita, a Filipino home helper, can’t lend a hand however query the for the time being inconvenient electoral preparations. To be capable of register as a voter in the 2022 national elections, she has to commute by put collectively for over an hour and exchange dilemma several instances before reaching the Philippine Consulate plan of enterprise in Hong Kong Island for on-dwelling registration. She resides in the Contemporary Territories space halt to Hong Kong’s land border with southern China. “Why haven’t election officers notion of increasing with more straightforward ways of voter registration and casting of votes?,” she requested.

David Guevarra, founder and president of Hong Kong OFW organization REVVED, posed extra incisive questions. “Most OFWs spend cellphones with Recordsdata superhighway provider. Universities and different colleges all the plan thru the Philippines construct thousands of proficient computer graduates annually. Why haven’t election officers ever notion of using computers to strategy up with a web based system for voter registration and even casting of votes,” he acknowledged.

Why Commission on Election (Comelec) officers, lawmakers and senior executive officers never notion all these years of automating or computerizing registration and voting of out of the country Filipinos is appalling and defies good judgment and cause. Sticking to on-dwelling registration and casting of votes despite the provision of viable choices, notably a computerized or online system, is purely incomprehensible and unacceptable, particularly amid persevering with advances in know-how. A working example are cellphones. A large sequence of mobile mobile phone brands and pills now feature as mini computers.

But whereas computerization affords mountainous advantages going forward, obvious distinguished disorders could simply aloof be looked into, particularly the integrity and security of recordsdata upon transmission and storage before they’re processed and tabulated.

Even supposing the Comelec is an honest constitutional body, the indisputable truth that its commissioners are appointed by the sitting president or head of the executive department in a technique raises some doubts on the impartiality of the company’s actions and choices. Whether the Comelec is fully immune from any external impact is any other speak.

So how will OFWs win a sufficient level of consolation that the integrity and security of a web based voting map are no longer compromised?

Several serious components are most easy even when no longer simple to fabricate:

1] The executive could simply aloof quiz a United Countries body to faucet an honest company or firm to dwelling up a stable and tamper proof online voting, recordsdata storage and tabulation system. A UN company initiative will with out a doubt mosey above and previous claims of partiality by most if no longer all political groups in the country.

2] If no longer funded by a UN body, funding for the mission is seemingly to be sourced from the World Bank or any other multilateral body. But oversight and operations are ideally undertaken by technical experts of a UN company to make toddle that impartiality and independence. Rightly or wrongly,  executive institutions, even judicial our bodies, are area to claims of partiality.

Claims and counter-claims of election cheating are no longer odd in Philippine politics, even among out of the country Filipinos. Thus, some develop of a UN company motivate or intervention shall be easy.

Comelec recordsdata expose that lower than half of registered out of the country voters solid their votes in the previous five national elections. OFW participation is seemingly to be raised significantly if the OAV map is overhauled and a web based voting system – that’s safe and stable from hacking – is keep in plan.

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