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Global Politics – Philippine politics 2021/2022: Partisan and parting (aka send within the clowns)

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Global Politics –

Philippine politics 2021/2022: Partisan and parting (aka send within the clowns)


Philip Cu Unjieng
Let’s be staunch, we are such an immature nation in terms of politics. We’re onion-skinned, fiercely partisan, and ready to allotment with the splendid of chums over political affinities. Our political panorama is persona and cash-driven, supported by the pillars of fame, title recall, and the scheme in which worthy largesse is spent. As with every things within the arena, there are exceptions to those sweeping opening sentences; but by and mammoth, I will stand by what I stated.

This will be our first pandemic election, when the COVID-response of our executive would possibly presumably presumably, or would possibly presumably presumably no longer be, a first-rate factor in how folks will judge who to vote for. And I sigh that with all conviction, because of if our most up-to-date history will educate us the relaxation, it’s that points don’t frequently matter to the mammoth majority who are vote casting. Look on the 2020 US election; certain Biden won, but let’s no longer neglect it become as soon as that shut, and over 70 million voters gathered wanted Trump for one other four years. And the breakdown of our vote casting public is a sobering lesson for those that mediate skilled and middle-class picks count.

Profiling of the Filipino vote casting inhabitants, and what’s missing is the 13 percent of socio-economic location E.
Fortunately for me, my column on the novel time doesn’t even need to remark regarding the candidates without extend to live as a lot as it’s title. The “clowns” are the partisan supporters of those candidates, and the scheme in which they conceal my point about our toxic immaturity. And for enjoyable, I’ll sprinkle this column with quotes that must resonate with so quite quite a bit of you. Take dangle of your favourite, and let me know which struck a chord!

“Your chums will imagine in your attainable, your enemies will develop you live as a lot as it.” – Tim Fargo

However what in case your attainable is to expose ignorance and stupidity? Belittling the Nobel Peace Prize is apt lame. When it become as soon as launched that Maria Ressa become as soon as sharing this year’s prize with Dmitry Muratov, a Russian journalist, I become as soon as shocked that she become as soon as being quoted as “speechless.” If the relaxation, the 2 must have thanked Duterte and Putin; for with out them, those prizes would have by no intention been won. However while I expected a reaction from the Duterte die-hards, even I become as soon as shocked by how banal it become as soon as. The likes of Barrack Obama, Kofi Annan, and Nelson Mandela are past winners, and likewise you’ll compare it to the Oscars or Omit Universe? A easy Google search would have yielded that earlier than you attain up with some knee-jerk diatribe.

Difficult, staunch sidebar legend here; but abolish Swede Alfred Nobel (1833-1889) become as soon as an inventor/industrialist who, at one time, held over 355 patents, and is credited with inventing novel explosives, and the battle that sprung from that invention? When his brother Ludvig passed away, some media outlets mistakenly idea it become as soon as Alfred, and a option of the obituaries described him as a “carrier provider of death.” Shaken by how he become as soon as being written about, Alfred Nobel determined he desired to leave a more in-depth legacy, and from there sprung his philanthropy and the Nobel Prizes, which commenced in 1901.

“I shall be on guard against my enemies, but God bring me from my chums.” – Charlotte Bronte

Strategies you, the diversified facet had its possess “Curb Your Enthusiasm” episodes. Placing the title of Leni Robredo beside Hidilyn Diaz and Maria Ressa become as soon as “exagg.” Diaz has introduced us the Olympic Gold Medal, and Ressa the Nobel Peace Prize; Leni’s submitting her COC apt doesn’t equate. Lights up the social media accounts of a capture community isn’t within the identical class of success. I mediate we must gathered wait until the 2022 elections are over earlier than we can attribute monumental victories to all three.

Then there have been the constructions lit up in pink from Oct. 4 for Breast Cancer Consciousness, being co-opted to indicate toughen for Leni, after we all know she filed on Oct. 7. That’s disingenuous no lower than, and tells me your facet would possibly presumably presumably additionally be taught classes essentially-checking and credibility.

“Admire your enemies, for they expose you your faults.” – Benjamin Franklin

Some quarters search records from me who I toughen, who I’ll vote for. And I’m no longer keeping this shut to my chest. Near election-time, I’m going to search records from my three sons (eldest is now 30, youngest is 22) who they’re vote casting for, and I’ll forged my vote in toughen – hoping that no longer lower than two of them are for the identical candidate. This election is about them, and their future. I’m 66 years weak, and we’ve both talented them with a national legacy that’s one thing precious, or we screwed it up for them. So 2022 wants to be regarding the keep they need to hunch, and who will lead them. Take dangle of or lose, I need to let them know I’m supporting their boom, and preference.

“I burned my bridges, so the devil couldn’t prepare me.” – L.M. Browning




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