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Global Politics – Scheme Consultant affords a smooth and successfully timed chronicle of the prolonged-term electoral success of the Conservative Party

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‘For someone who needs to just like the realignment in British politics, and its origins, this obvious and incisive guide is a must-read.’ – Lord Gavin Barwell, Used Chief of Workers to the High Minister

Jamie Parker, an experienced technique advisor, First Class Honours Cambridge graduate, and politics researcher writes his first guide, Painting Britain Blue – Why the Conservatives care for a hit and how Labour maintain let them.

In his guide, Parker seeks to point to how the Conservative Party, which historically has been connected to the political interests of the rich and privileged, has proved so powerful extra efficient than the Labour Party, which used to be founded to signify working of us, at a hit and keeping political energy. Whereas existing accounts focus heavily on Labour’s difficulties in gaining mammoth electoral toughen (especially in connecting with working-class voters in most up-to-date years), they frequently plunge in need of completely explaining why many of these voters grew to became to the Conservative Party and how Conservative leaders maintain proved so efficient at reaching them. This guide shines a smooth light on the contrasting electoral performance of the two major political events in Britain.

‘This incisive guide clinically analyses the piquant sands of British politics within the latter phase of the 20th Century and the turbulence of the 21st. Jamie Parker rightly concludes that the flexibleness and mammoth discipline of the Conservative celebration with revered leaders is the rationale it has prevailed over the extra inflexible ideology of Labour whose management has generally lacked public toughen and paid insufficient attention to the major component of National Pleasure. As someone who had a ringside seat on the time I saw the exception that proves the guideline when Tony Blair broadened Labour’s allure to the centre ground but as the author explains it wasn’t to superb. A must read for somebody with an interest in trendy politics.’ – Sir Richard Ottaway, Used Chair of the International Affairs Committee

Parker has split the guide into three parts, the first specializing within the period between 1900 and 2007, which shows on the prolonged-term electoral success of the Conservative Party all the way in which by the 20th century and considers the affect of Tony Blair’s Fresh Labour project, which temporarily halted Tory electoral domination. Share two, which is the principle phase of the guide, examines the reasons for Conservative electoral success from 2007, following Blair’s resignation as High Minister, running up to Boris Johnson’s landslide electoral victory in unimaginative-2019. Parker finishes the guide with Share three, in which he shows on the major themes that maintain underpinned Conservative electoral success and concludes the guide by pondering the needed query of of what the prolonged flee would possibly per chance per chance care for for British electoral politics.

Jamie explains,

‘I truly maintain tried to provide a smooth chronicle of Conservative electoral success within the most up-to-date past, for occasion by situating the last decade after 2010 within an extended historical standpoint. Via my analysis, I truly maintain aimed to jot down an informative guide on contemporary politics that is both rigorous and accessible. I am hoping that my readers salvage it an spell binding and participating read.’

You would possibly per chance pre-repeat Painting Britain Blue right here:

https://www.amazon.co.uk/Painting-Britain-Blue-Conservatives-a hit/dp/1800420889/ref=sr_1_1?dchild=1&keywords=jamie+parker+painting+britain+blue&qid=1629277247&sr=8-1

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