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Good News – Bybit, leader in cryptocurrency derivatives, enters the place market

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Good News – SINGAPORE 23 July 2021 -/African Media Company(AMA)/- Bybit, the largest exchange of cryptocurrency derivatives to date, has announced its expansion into the spot cryptocurrency market. Bybit Highlights Bold Step Bybit’s spot trading platform will be available globally from 15 July at 6:00 UTC, offering zero fees for market makers. BTCUSDT, ETHUDT, XRPUSDT and EOSUSDT will be the first available pairs; more trading pairs will be added in the future. A spot trade allows traders to buy and sell the cryptographic asset “on the fly” and at the current market exchange rate, once an order has been completed. In the spot market, ownership of cryptographic assets is transferred directly between buyers and sellers. Spot trading is not just a traditional starting point for new market entrants, but a complementary vector for derivatives traders engaged in hedging strategies. Bringing world-class liquidity and reliability to the place market Bybit has proven to have the most reliable, stable and usable exchange. Unique among the top exchanges, Bybit has never experienced overloads or downtime at any time. Liquidity is arguably the major and closing attribute in asset exchanges. Bybit’s derivatives trading platform has the best liquidity in the world and the narrowest margin. Merchants have guaranteed the best price and enact market execution, even during times of extreme volatility. Bybit’s retail-focused products and customer-centric services will help lower the threshold for entry into the encryption business for a large number of new customers around the world, allowing them to seamlessly leverage immediate delivery into the encryption business. “It is a great privilege for Bybit to have the strong support of our community and partners as we continue to grow and improve,” said Ben Zhou, co-founder and CEO of Bybit. “We are delighted to be able to provide highly liquid and reliable spot transactions that customers have come to associate with Bybit.” Distributed by African Media Company for Bybit. About Bybit Bybit is a cryptocurrency exchange founded in March 2018 that provides a professional platform where cryptocurrency merchants can find an ultra-fast matching engine, excellent customer service and multilingual communities. The company offers innovative online trading services and cloud mining products, as well as API support, to professional and enact retail customers worldwide, and strives to be the most trusted exchange. For more information: https://www.bybit.com For all the news, Bybit is present on social networks: Twitter and Telegram. #Bybit The post Bybit, leader in cryptocurrency derivatives, enters the market place looked first on African Media Company.

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