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Good News – Independence Day: Why meals costs are high in Nigeria — Buhari

by Good News

Good News – The President, Major Total Muhammadu Buhari (retd.), correct through his nationwide broadcast commemorating the nation’s 61st independence, evolved the motive at the serve of the high costs of meals within the country.While alleging that the nation’s meals capacity had increased despite the farmer-herder crises that had upset meals provide, Buhari said the high costs of meals used to be triggered by middlemen who “purchase and hoard these crucial commodities for profiteering.”The President said, “Sadly, as our meals production capacity has increased, meals costs had been going up on account of man made shortages created by middlemen who had been procuring and hoarding these crucial commodities for profiteering.”In his speech, Buhari well-liked that the Federal Authorities had made plans to close the “disruptive and unpatriotic hoarding activities,” to boot to be clear meals costs are realistic for Nigerians.“To handle this, I am hereby directing the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Constructing to rehabilitate the National Food Reserve Agency and additionally work with safety companies, the Nigerian Commodity Alternate, and the National Assembly to search out a lasting approach to those disruptive and unpatriotic hoarding activities,” he said.The President additional revealed that with some water projects, the enhancement of meals production would be better within the country.“To additional toughen meals production, we like now performed several original dams and are within the strategy of rehabilitating several River Basin Constructing Authorities to toughen groundwater provide for rainfed agriculture to boot to ground water for irrigation agriculture.“The water projects we performed between 2015 to 2020 like improved Nigerian’s entry to potable water to 71% between 2015 and 2020. This means 12.5 million additional Nigerians now like relate entry to potable water,” Buhari said.

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