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Good News – Instructing Nigerians Forward of Birth And After Loss of life, By Owei Lakemfa

by Good News

Good News – A Chronicle trended in the social media on Tuesday, October 5, 2021, the Worldwide Lecturers Day. On that day, the Senate confirmed the nomination of Alhaji Yahaya Mohammad as a Board Member of the Financial and Monetary Crimes Commission, EFCC.Many Nigerians appeared scandalised that the Senate would clear a man who was once born on September 29, 1969 but had began college in 1968; that is the yr sooner than he was once born.It was once also unsettling for them that the nominee had claimed he attended the Borno Lecturers College for thirteen years from 1975.That plot he began his post-most essential training on the age of seven and accomplished the five-yr direction when he was once 20. Simultaneously, he attended the decent College of Administration Be taught in 1980 when he was once a 12-yr former boy. This man clearly, was once a young particular person prodigy.Personally, I look nothing distinctive in a man beginning most essential college sooner than he was once born on story of youth are skilled sooner than they’re born. In every other case, the keep would a brand unique born minute one hold learnt straightforward how to explain? The keep would it no longer hold learnt that when hungry, it would possibly probably perchance gentle explain for vitamins or breast milk?It is a famend indisputable reality that for us Nigerians, training isn’t very any longer beautiful life-lengthy, but eternal; it is sooner than birth and after loss of life. That’s why it is now not any longer irregular for folks to talk to a corpse on the grave aspect.They admonish it on completely quite plenty of components, remind it of previous or pending matters and fundamentally grunt it no longer to neglect the relatives it has left in the lend a hand of. Customarily the corpse at some stage in burial, is sent on errands; it is advised to speak the greetings of the residing to deceased relatives in the land of the dull.The Yorubas know this better than any completely different Nigerian nationality. They grunt the corpse to proceed its training eternally. There would possibly perchance be a current instruction they give the corpse: “When you derive to heaven, neither be pleased millipedes nor worms, quite, be pleased what is eaten there.” In completely different words, the deceased is to seek for the dietary pattern in heaven. It is love announcing when in Rome, behave love a Roman.Despite the indisputable reality that teachers are advised their reward is in heaven, they neither educate the unborn nor the dull; they educate most efficient the residing on floor earth, they assuredly bring about out a correct job doing so. This is why I agree that: “Lecturers are the keys that release the pupil’s thoughts.”It would possibly perchance perchance well be a truism that while: “the architect makes homes, the author makes poetry, the scientist makes discoveries, the teacher makes them all.” In completely different words: “Lecturers originate all completely different professions possible.” So: “If there were no teachers, all completely different professions will no longer exist.” The purpose is, for these that’ll be in a space to learn this, thank your teacher.Lecturers Day in Nigeria has turn staunch into a ritual at some stage in which the Presidency performs the role of chief priest casting divination which exhibits a more in-depth future for teachers. This yr, two main guarantees the Buhari administration made to teachers are: an enhanced salary device and increasing their retirement age from 60 to 65 years. These are familiar guarantees; they were the same made at some stage in the 2020 Lecturers Day.In actual fact, the topic of an enhanced teachers’ salary device dates lend a hand to 2006 at some stage in the Obasanjo administration. It was once known as the Lecturers Salary Scale, TSS. It is reminiscent of the University Salary Scale, USS.The Yar’Adua administration, 2007-2009, formalised the TSS. Since then, its implementation has been looking out out for to burrow by plot of the kinds underground. So for over a dozen years now, the Jonathan, and now the Buhari administrations on each Lecturers Day, originate the same guarantees.The extension of the academics retirement age by five years is even an older promise since the retirement age of lecturers in the universities has been sixty five. In actual fact in 2010 the then Minister of Training, Dr. Sam Egwu introduced the implementation of a brand unique retirement age in the universities; that for professors was once extended from 65 to 70, and for the non-tutorial crew from 60 to 65 years.However why are teachers fully pleased at any time when they’re teased that their retirement age will doubtless be extended? It is poverty. Nigeria has developed so smartly that to be a pensioner is to be sentenced to a lifetime of penury. First, it takes eternity for the once-off bulk retirement fee, known as gratuity to be paid.Secondly, pension fee has by no plot been a precedence of governments at issue and federal ranges. Thirdly, subsequent adjustments to pension based entirely mostly on continuous currency devaluation, hyper-inflation and salary will enhance, are in general no longer mirrored, or mirrored very gradual for pensioners. So the moderate Nigerian worker lives in effort of retirement.This is in titillating difference to their European counterparts who glimpse forward to retirement. I buy at some stage in my March 2012 confer with to factories love BMW in Germany, there were protests and strikes over the decision of some governments in Europe to develop retirement age by an moderate two years.The workers felt they wanted beyond regular time for holidays and with their households. I mirrored that in difference, Nigerian workers and professionals were clamouring to establish off their retirement as lengthy as possible despite the indisputable reality that it plot tampering with their real facts.Finally, with mass unemployment among young graduates at the side of these with degrees in training, does it no longer originate extra sense for teachers to be inspired to buy due retirement and be handsomely rewarded so extra employment opportunities would possibly furthermore be on hand for the young?Whatever the case, we all need teachers, whether or no longer former or young. Shall we embrace, teachers are wanted to organise refresher packages for the Nigeria Navy.Troopers in Onitsha had arrested current actor Chiwetalu Agu for wearing a fabric emblazoned with the defunct Biafra coat of fingers. First the military assertion introduced that it was once the “very famend attire” of the proscribed Indigenous Of us of Biafra, IPOB.This is fallacious on story of that was once the emblem of Biafra from 1967, the same yr IPOB founder, Nnamdi Kanu was once born. Secondly, completely different organisations in Jap Nigeria wear it. So the military’s conclusion that by the actor wearing this kind of fabric in his movie company bus, portions to “soliciting” enhance for IPOB, is illogical. Extra to my point. Viral movies showed troopers pushing the famend actor at gun point, forcing him to the floor, dragging him on the tarred motorway sooner than in the waste carrying him love a fraction of rag. But the military advised Nigerians and the sphere that: “he (Agu) was once no longer assaulted or subjected to brutalisation.”You glance why teachers are wanted to display that brutalisation or assault is to focus on with physical violence on someone, which was once what troopers in the video did to the former actor. Would perchance perchance neutral we by no plot lack teachers in our lives.

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