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Good News – Let the kite and eagle perch on ‘Wado metropolis’

by Good News

Good News – Sir: After I first read the catching axiom of “Kite” and “Eagle”in Things Topple Apart, a masterpiece of one in all the supreme storytellers in history, Chinua Achebe, I didn’t reasonably give the proverb any metaphorical interpretation previous the context of the unusual except reactions started trailing the fresh name for the renaming of a piece of Warri metropolis, occupied by Urhobo, as ‘Wado metropolis.’   An Urhobo group muted, proposed and circulated the postulate of Wado City as a panacea to the primordial land quarrel between the ethnic nationalities in Warri, It’s miles an unfamiliar proposal for resolving a historic disquiet about the ownership of the contentious condominium known as Warri City; a harmless proposition that might light ordinarily provoke arresting dialog about the demarcations between peace, justice, equity and prosperity of the conurbation known as Warri. After reading Dr Reuben Abati’s fresh newsletter titled “The Brewing Disaster in Warri,” I knew that Abati relied on a history e book titled A Ancient previous of Warri, published in 1988 by a obvious JOS Ayomike, a civil commissioner in Midwest Explain in the 1970s. Also, I realised that Abati did not read the seminal study edited by Prof. Peter Ekeh, a global-infamous pupil on the same discipline titled: Warri City and British Rule in Western Niger Delta; nor did he read its assessment by F.M.A Ukoli titled “I Can Witness Clearly Now…” which dented, very badly, whatever claims the Itsekiri has left of Warri City. While I’d reasonably leave the topic of the ownership of Warri for other fora, a couple of questions might help in presenting a extra knowledgeable essay: Who invented the name Warri? What had been the areas of fresh Delta Explain known as Warri Province in colonial Nigeria? Why and when used to be Warri Province converted to Delta Province? Why and when used to be Olu of Itsekiri changed to Olu of Warri? Modified into there any jam known as Warri sooner than colonialism? Why are there three recognised kings in the Warri kingdom? Why did Olu lose his litigation claiming overlordship of Okere Urhobo land to Okumagba? Why is the Olu’s palace built on leased land from Okumagba? The put is the jam of overlordship in the Nigerian constitution on the Land Use Act? These begging questions will lope on and on, however your fact lurks therein. While attempting to make utilize of their socio-political profit to outsmarts the replacement ethnic groups sharing the Warri condominium with them, the Itsekiri institution ended up making unwholesome requires calculated to construct them owners of Warri City, when in reality the Urhobo people concentrate on the larger phase of the metropolis; a frightening truth that has radically change the ‘Joker.’ But what is now playing out with the conversations around Wado City is a name on the manager to clear up the topic it helped to form in the first jam. It’s miles treasure a people asserting we want you to name us by our rightful name; particularly when it is apparent that Warri used to be a colonial association designed to conceal the doctrine of divide and rule and to distract the people from perceiving colonial exploitation and exploration occurring in the province. The exact demand to quiz is, what’s going to Ijaw or the Itsekiri lose if the Urhobo enclaves and other adjoining Urhobo towns come to be addressed as Wado City? Meanwhile, let the dialog proceed; or better light, let the Eagle perch and let the Kite perch too.             Uwa John is of the Department of English, University of Lagos.

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