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Good News – Nigeria Wants A ‘Steady Man’ As President, By Fredrick Nwabufo

by Good News

Good News – We hear ‘’real man’’, and the visage of a fleshy, bumbling African dictator in Khaki and jackboots involves thoughts. However permit me to appropriate the observe and re-contextualise it for the motive of this column. In my context, a ‘’real man’’ embodies discipline, audacity, courage, and character. Nigeria needs a ‘’real man’’ as president in 2023 – one who just isn’t any longer timid to be unpopular by taking severe reformist choices and actions. The times are dangerous. Nigeria needs a sanitiser, a vacuumer; one who just isn’t any longer timid to dare the undared. Some of us say: “We would favor real institutions no longer real males”. I agree. In Nigeria’s case, we need real males to develop real institutions. Any brave chief titillating to reform Nigeria ought to soundless be ready to be unpopular on tale of the map quo will strive against reduction — and can attain so ruthlessly.Nigeria needs a sail-setter who can take mettlesome choices love taking out subsidies on petroleum and electrical energy as an instance; vacuum the tax machine and set aside heads roll. The argument for subsidy retention is an emotional particular individual that discounts the dust within the machine. Nigeria is a quasi-socialist nation; a highly subsidised nation. Corruption flourishes partly thanks to the regime of subsidies.Nearly every wanted commodity or carrier is subsidised and doesn’t replicate correct price. The subsidy regime is clearly unsustainable. Kerosene, which is the frequent energy of the uncomfortable, used to be de-subsidised; diesel as effectively, but petrol which sells for about N600 per litre in Ghana – an oil-producing nation — is scandalously buffered. Who does this earnings? The NNPC stated it spent N541.65 billion within six months in 2021 on petroleum subsidy. Between 2017 and 2020, the corporation is projected to maintain spent over N1.53 trillion on petroleum subsidy. The actuality is that the present tag of petrol in Nigeria doesn’t replicate its right price vis-a-vis the prevailing global market price. However if the uncomfortable can come up with the money for a frequent commodity love kerosene which sells for N400 per litre without subsidy, why ought to soundless petrol principally utilised by the center and the upper class be N165 per litre? Who does the subsidy regime motivate? The plenty or some enterprise leviathans and wolves? Muhammadu Sanusi II, Emir of Kano (2014-2020) and inclined governor of the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN), rightly described the subsidy regime as a rip-off. He stated: “The main field is by assuming that we are an oil-prosperous nation. This has been a terrific humorous story for me. I be aware in 2011 when we had been speaking concerning the subsidy debate when President Jonathan rightfully wanted to take away gasoline subsidy. I stated to of us, you are producing two million barrels for 160 million Nigerians. That’s one barrel for 80 of us. Saudi Arabia produces one barrel for three electorate. These of us need training, healthcare, infrastructure, electrical energy, telecommunications and agriculture from that one barrel that 80 of us portion. Then, you choose that what they need more than anything else is affordable gasoline. That doesn’t set aside sense. It finest made sense on tale of there are many those who alter the levers of vitality and are making thousands and thousands and billions of bucks from the rip-off that known as gasoline subsidy.”The Jonathan administration tinkered with the foundation of taking out petroleum subsidy but quaked below an avalanche of protests – presumably subsidized. The Buhari administration is dilly-dallying on the sector now, and presumably to preclude one other spherical of riot, it has pigeonholed de-subsidising petroleum. However for the trend long must we tread on this primrose route? Nigeria needs a president who will defy all odds and take action for the frequent honest despite the truth that that enterprise will give up in transient discomfort. Also, the federal govt spends N30 billion month-to-month on electrical energy subsidy. Some analysts say right here’s likely the most causes the enterprise players are reluctant to scale up their products and services — thanks to ‘’free money’’. We maintain now to de-subsidise to dwell on. Truly, any severe Nigerian president will deserve to keep in pressure discipline at all levels and spectrum of the social and nationwide life. Lee Kuan Yew did it in Singapore as high minister. He used to be fierce, mettlesome and unafraid to take demanding choices. The young of us of the map quo will cry, “tyranny and oppression”. However it’s going to soundless be finished. We won’t set aside growth this form. Nigerians are intolerably undisciplined. Alternatively discipline will deserve to launch from the tip. The ‘’real man’’ who wants to handbook Nigeria must himself be disciplined. He must lead by personal example. Self-discipline ought to soundless be considered in his cabinet, manner to governance and even in his personal life. We won’t compromise on discipline. It is that heinous. I returned from a day out to the nation about per week ago, and honest from the nostril of the airport I was pestered for money by practically all airport workers, at the side of the cleaners. It is tragic. Nigerians are inveterately undisciplined. We desire the higher of products and services, but we attain no longer deserve to pay tax; we beat website website visitors stops, discard refuse on the aspect road, and query and provides bribes. We’re lawful ungovernable. In 2023, Nigeria needs a ‘’real man’’ as president to discipline the undisciplined, and to take mettlesome choices for the frequent honest.  By Fredrick Nwabufo; Nwabufo (Mr OneNigeria) is a author and journalist.Twitter/Facebook/Instagram: @FredrickNwabufo

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