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Good News – Nothing to celebrate at 61, poverty, insecurity unlucky leadership composed thrive – Nigerians living in a foreign country

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Good News – Percy Ani feels the heartbeat of some compatriots living in a foreign country as Nigeria attains 61 years of independence on October 1Within the 2000 hit movie ‘The Patriot’, Captain Benjamin Martin, acted by Mel Gibson, alongside with a band of ragtag disgruntled American troopers fight to avenge the loss of property and family contributors and also reclaim their country from the retain an eye on of the British Military. The lads were spirited to lay down their lives to shield the glory of their nation however the energy of their opponent.Though a movie, many voters in different international locations are spirited to head the total hog to ogle their international locations prosper. This might maybe well well, presumably, be the difficulty for many Nigerians however for inept leadership and cycle of frustration and despair that repeatedly glimpse them in the face even after 61 years of gaining independence from the British. It’s so substandard that many of them mediate about no motive to celebrate the independence which changed into once fascinating-earned by the nationalists.Nigerians in a foreign countryA Nigerian who is in the United States of The US, Ebuka Okoro, stated he went by a now not easy time after college education to assemble a job.“I had unprecedented hopes after graduating from the college. But four years afterwards, the most easy actuality that stared me in the face every morning changed into once the one of packing sachet water into bags and striking on a sharp truck to offer to potentialities, to provide ends meet.”He stated that his mother equipped many issues to provide determined that that he completed college education and supported his shuttle plans.Dissatisfaction amid migrationPer annum, upset with the socio-financial prerequisites of the country, alongside with excessive unemployment charges and worsening insecurity, many Nigerians voluntarily migrate in a foreign country.An Afrobarometer ballotfrom 2018 stumbled on that one in three Nigerians wishes to switch originate air the country. This is particularly so among younger, more trained males, who generally leave seeking employment opportunities interior and originate air the continent, travelling to the Center East, Europe, The US, and Asia.Some distance a ways from dwellingOkoro stated that selling his family land to finance his shuttle plans changed into once doubtlessly the hardest thing he ever did in his existence because it changed into once all that his father left for the family sooner than his loss of life.“Two years down the line and I will’t originate to checklist the total achievements coming to the US beget equipped for my family and me. My mother no longer has to queue for my father’s pension that on no account comes nor does she must diagram strenuous jobs because, with the miniature work I diagram here, I will send money help dwelling to my family that presents them with a joyful existence,” he stated.He famed that the unlucky consideration the authorities paid to electorate changed into once one of the reasons many Nigerians were fleeing the country to other parts of the world.Okoro stated, “Isn’t it ironic that the total achievements Nigeria obtained pre-independence has all been lost submit-independence? Training, cohesion and hope beget long past down the drain nowadays.“In nearly every American metropolis I’ve been to, I persistently encountered clusters of Nigerians who moved to this country in the outdated couple of years. Heaps of them are professionals who might maybe well well composed be serving to Nigeria grow. But they are in developed international locations working to create an already developed country, while some, since they’ll’t assemble legit jobs, resolve for blue-collar ones.“Per annum, Nigeria celebrates its independence, however six decades after independence, it’s most effective our leaders and their cronies which beget benefited from it. I take into accout taking part in march parades while in fundamental and secondary school to worth Nigeria’s independence. With hindsight, I mediate the ceremonies were pointless. What were we celebrating help then? Became it the incessant school strikes or the pervading poverty that choked the everyday Nigerian even in the face of abundance? I will most effective celebrate Nigeria’s independence when Nigerians are sooner or later free from the clutches of substandard governance and corrupt politicians.”Love Okoro, many other Nigerians, frustrated by their miniature possibilities, had left the shores of the country seeking greater opportunities. In addition they puzzled about the importance of the Independence Day celebration. One among them is Ahmed Oyenusi, a Nigerian, resident in The US.Oyenusi stated he left Nigeria with a student visa and since he couldn’t get the money for the costs of the graduate school, on getting to the US, he determined to work for a while to raise ample money to additional his education.He stated, “I weak to beget so unprecedented hope while rising up in Nigeria. I envisaged that I most effective wished to work fascinating and extremely fleet, I’d beget a job and elevate a family shut to my other folks. But a graduate and master’s levels afterwards, I changed into once disillusioned. After buying for a job for nearly two years after finishing master’s programme, I changed into once compelled to resolve for a contract job in one of the commercial banks however after a merger with one other monetary institution, any other workers and me were sacked.’’He added that sooner or later, he needed to forge ahead and utilized for graduate school in the US. Oyenusi stated. “Though I knew I couldn’t get the money for the costs for the college I utilized to, I exact wanted to head away the country. I had had ample of wasting my bodily and mental energy searching for to provide an exact living in Nigeria. The reward for fascinating work in Nigeria is unreasonable stifling authorities insurance policies. I for the time being work in a construction company in the US and with the money I produce; I’ve been in a procedure to diagram a existence for myself and my family help dwelling in Nigeria.”Oyenusi added, “For the teeming Nigerians worship myself, compelled to head away the country resulting from the unlucky issue in Nigeria, there’s nothing to celebrate on October 1. I don’t even think any Nigerian might maybe well well composed be celebrating Independence Day. What’s there to celebrate? Is it security, healthcare, education, or financial growth? Perchance shunning all kinds of the Independence Day celebration might maybe well point to our leaders the extent of displeasure we in point of fact feel.In her contribution, a nursing graduate from the College of Benin, Edo Insist, Osato Phillips, stated he persistently dreamt of turning accurate into a nurse. After graduation, she stated she changed into once lucky to assemble a job at a authorities hospital, hopeful that she changed into once on the path to sooner or later shiny her lengthy-held wishes.She stated, “About a years of working in Nigeria as a nurse; the unpleasant working prerequisites, lack of most recent scientific companies disillusioned me. All these were additional compounded by a meagre wage that changed into once irregular and person that we needed to embark on strikes sooner than we might maybe well receives a commission.“At final, my other folks inspired me to apply to head away the country as that they had heard that nurses were greater paid and treated in foreign international locations.”Philips stated her other folks took a mortgage from a cooperative society they belonged to finance the preparations for her sharp to the UK. She stated interior six months, she had finalised the plans to switch in a foreign country to apply.Philips famed that on getting to the UK, she changed into once timid on the number of Nigerian nurses and doctors she met even in the hospital she got employment.She added, “The Nigerian doctors and nurses are highly trained and qualified however because they were poorly remunerated help dwelling, they beget to leave Nigeria for a greater existence. Ironically, these doctors are the same ones Nigerian politicians rush to once they procedure to the UK for remedy and their periodic checkups. It’s crude that an self reliant nation after 61 years cannot successfully win care of its scientific personnel. It’s unprecedented more crude that nearly all scientific companies in Nigeria are decrepit and lack the companies to cater adequately to its teeming inhabitants. I came to this country sooner than the originate of the Coronavirus and the Nationwide Successfully being Provider in the UK has catered for nearly all my wishes. My wage is persistently on time.”Philips added that some Nigerians in the UK were planning to withhold an tournament to worth Independence Day, noting that they appeared moderately pondering it.She stated, “I guess here is so because they now dwell a ways-off from the frustration that Nigeria is to its electorate. For me, these memories are composed too contemporary and I mediate about nothing grand to celebrate. I will celebrate when my country is greater and affords equal opportunities for all people. I will celebrate when it is now not any longer considered fashioned for innocent Nigerians to be slaughtered of their homes or while going about their commerce.”On his piece, a Nigerian basically based in Ukraine, Promise Udenwa, stated if Nigeria changed into once joyful ample for its electorate, no Nigerian would ever win to head to a unlucky European country to highschool or originate a living.For Udenwa, sharp to Ukraine a number of months in the past changed into once a fruits of many occasions he experienced while in Nigeria. He stated since he had dreadlocks and tattoos, at any time when he changed into once out on the streets of Lagos, he ran the likelihood of being pressured by the now-disbanded Special Anti-Robbery Squad operatives.He stated, “I in point of fact were arrested more than three cases and requested to provide on-line cash transfers to the cops at gunpoint. This changed into once why for the length of the #EndSARS verbalize, I participated fully because I changed into once a victim of their brutal actions as successfully. I joined the verbalize because I felt I changed into once stopping for the soul of my country.’’Udenwa stated after the result of the #EndSARS he made up his suggestions to head away Nigeria by any apt means, alongside with that once the artificial to shuttle to Ukraine grew to alter into readily accessible, he jumped on the provide.He stated, “If Nigeria is now not too harsh on its electorate, why would any Nigerian shuttle to a country with a unlucky economy and miniature opportunities to assemble away Nigeria? I don’t reckon I’ll beget any motive to take part in the Independence Day of Nigeria. What is the motive of us claiming to be an self reliant nation when other folks that rule us are substandard?”In his contribution, Bolaji Olumide, who lives in Woolwich, southeast London, stated he had yet to ogle why the country would proceed to celebrate independence amid starvation and unlucky economy. He suggested the leaders to work fascinating to inspire hope to interpret the celebration of the independence anniversary every October 1.Olumide stated, “At 61, there’s nothing to celebrate and the leaders might maybe well well composed know that they beget to diagram ample to provide the opposite folks joyful. A country to me is that in point of fact now not a space of 1’s beginning however the put one is willing to maximise possible and diagram motive. For now, Nigeria is now not that for many Nigerians. There is never a motive yet to celebrate independence anniversary.’’On his piece, one other Nigerian who lives in Dublin, Ireland, recognized most effective as Sylvester, stated he would now not know why Nigeria’s leaders proceed to celebrate what he described as ‘failures’ every October 1 when it changed into once evident that many issues weren’t working.He stated, “I am a psychiatrist and I left Nigeria some years in the past when it changed into once evident that despair changed into once all I saw. Successfully being, education, economy and heaps of alternative sectors were and composed in turmoil once I left. The finest other folks who mediate about hope in Nigeria at 61 are politicians who proceed to make explain of vitality and procedure to manipulate and enrich themselves. Celebrating the independence anniversary every October 1 to me is a extinguish of time.  The authorities will must kind out unemployment, insecurity and terrorism among many other challenges sooner than they’ll boast of sterling performances si nce the country is for the time being in a monstrous form.’’Copyright PUNCHAll rights reserved. This discipline cloth, and other digital utter on this web location, might maybe well well now not be reproduced, printed, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed in total or in piece with out prior insist written permission from PUNCH. Contact:

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