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Good News – Obi Cubana and the conclusion of associative entrepreneurship, By Moses E. Ochonu

by Good News

Good News – As an economic historian who edited a neatly-obtained e book on entrepreneurship in Africa, the introduction to which argues for the recognition of obvious African entrepreneurial traditions and innovations, I fetch the case of Obi Cubana (Chief Obinna Iyiegbu) moderately bright. The fascination grows when one looks past the visuals coming out of the funeral in Oba and the justifiable moral dismay the visuals possess provoked.Let me first safe a pair of caveats out of the vogue. I assemble no longer endorse his exhibitionist, and performative wealth, however I assemble no longer salvage it both. To every their very salvage. We all characteristic from diversified price and moral scripts, however none is, within the final prognosis, inherently superior to the diversified.On this fragment, I am no longer pondering regarding the moral and moral ramifications of the optics on stutter in Chief Iyiegbu’s mother’s funeral. Morality is within the zone of the deepest, and there is just not any longer any such thing as a single moral code for each person. What issues is whether or no longer there are clear, unambiguous moral and good boundaries that safeguard society as a total from acts that peril non-taking fragment compatriots or bring the nation to disrepute. From my admittedly exiguous vantage level, I assemble no longer watch how Cubana and firm’s grievous materialism and revelry transgress any extant laws, however I am initiate to being proven faulty.Moreover, a particular person has a just to use their money as they wish, and Cubana’s exhibitionism can no longer be analyzed or understood initiate air his industry and build, that are anchored by shroud industry and leisure, the lifeblood of that are performance, choreographed pageantry, excess, and razzmatazz. In diversified words, his antics possess instrumental and utilitarian common sense in his line of industry. The actual person, the performance, and the profession are all intricately linked in a symbiotic net of mutual reinforcement.What appears to be like to others as his offensively filthy exhibitionism and excessive self-indulgence are if truth be told segment of his industry repertoire, segment of the script, and facets of a conscientiously, strategically organised spectacle to increase his build. If I’m just then it is a form of genius.Others of course possess a just to be disgusted and to explicit that disgust in moral, moral, or non secular terms, however indirectly, a particular person has the just to bury their loved ones within the formula that pleases them, and so they’re to blame only to their judgment of right and inaccurate, to God, and to a lesser degree, to their natal community from which they obtain social legitimacy and cultural capital. On this final level, I if truth be told possess no longer heard the participants of Oba whinge regarding the events of this past weekend.On the question of how Cubana and his pals grew to change into so prosperous, any explanation initiate air of privileged insider or documented knowledge is conjecture and hypothesis. I’ll moreover dash away the question of how he began and the draw in which he obtained his seed money to those with privileged knowledge. He has granted an interview to BBC Pidgin wherein he goes into foremost facets about his beginnings and the early days of a hardscrabble lifetime of hustle and modest successes punctuated by screw ups. Different reviews of his financial ascent would have to convincingly refute and displace the autobiographical narrative of his wealth.I heard of this man for the first time only a pair of days ago, though I knew of Cubana evening club in Abuja because a pal once took me there. I did no longer know the owner, nor did I do know that it change into once segment of a nearer leisure empire.In actuality, once I study a clear Cubana Chief Priest, considered one of Obi Cubana’s pals, assembly with Kogi State Governor, Yahaya Bello, lately, and the file indicated that he change into once a nightclub operator I believed that he change into once the owner of the Abuja Cubana that my pal took me to. In diversified words, I mistook the partner for his Oga.I fetch Cubana to be an animated case be conscious in entrepreneurial insurgency and innovation. Insurgency because he refuses to conform to and genuinely challenges a pair of of the tropes normalized by extra established participants of wealth in Nigeria in the case of how to mildew and curate one’s image to the final public as a particular person of capacity. I partner him with innovation because, neatly, all a hit entrepreneurs are innovators of their very salvage differentiated techniques.Whether you take care of him or hate him, it’s to the man’s credit that he dominated the knowledge cycle for a total weekend and that the controversy and conversations he sparked possess no longer only continued however possess netted him and his build hundreds free, enduring publicity of the kind that diversified brands pay tens if no longer hundreds of hundreds of hundreds of Naira for. By the vogue, I am conscious that by publishing this essay, I am giving him even extra publicity and extending his dominance of the knowledge cycle.The diversified factor of Obi Cubana’s profile that fascinates me is his model of what one can also name associative entrepreneurship, my coinage and theoretical framing for the central role he accords associational relationships and belief in organizing and working his enterprise. Obi Cubana is at the tip of a core community of entrepreneurs who’re roughly of his age and are his pals and enablers.Most of them began with him. Others, we are instructed, are independently prosperous however possess embraced the charisma and magnetic social charm of the Cubana build, finding it a necessary and winning shroud for his or her salvage endeavors. Right here is no longer archaic franchising as taught in industry faculties. Rather, it’s a casual association amongst depended on pals to present a plot shut to and assemble every other up by adopting a abnormal recognizable insignia, necessary take care of the Wangara merchants and merchants of precolonial West Africa, whose permissive, inclusive, and integrative build-making I if truth be told possess researched and printed on.Obi Cubana’s associative entrepreneurship leverages the same vitality of inclusion and integration. On this vogue, Obi Cubana’s success is moreover his pals’ success, and his pals’ pals’ success, and so forth — a collective, shared, replicable success, when you must presumably. As he and the industry rose, his pals, along with the extra visible and vocal face of the empire, Cubana Chief Priest, rose with him.Whether or no longer Cubana himself and observers comprehend it, this model of entrepreneurship is distinctly African, as I argued within the introduction to the aforementioned e book on entrepreneurship.Right here is why the highly individualised entrepreneurship model of the Western capitalist experience theorized by Alois Schumpeter, with the emphasis on the sole, particular particular person catalytic industry innovator and disruptor, would no longer snarl to the African entrepreneurship landscape.Sure, Cubana fits partially into the Schumpeterian model of an innovative disruptor who identifies a salvage 22 situation and its deficits and proceeds to disrupt it with innovative and extra efficient alternatives. However in difference to the Dangotes, the Elumelus, and Adenugas, the Otedolas, the  Alakijas,  the Abdulsamad Rabius, and others, Obi Cubana is no longer the sole patriarch of a industry fiefdom or of a consanguineous empire however moderately the coordinating leader of a multilayered industry empire where build constructing is diffuse, quite decentralized, and robustly delegated to and distributed amongst the core avid gamers.It appears to be like to me, however I stand to be corrected, that Obi Cubana has produced a brand contemporary model of entrepreneurship that is an enchancment on the acquainted “Igba boi” Igbo apprenticeship machine of industry tutelage, service, training, and “settlement.” His model appears to be like to plot shut the apprenticeship model to a brand contemporary degree of collaborate entrepreneurship and wealth introduction.Obi Cubana did no longer recruit apprentices, however moderately pals — pals and contemporaries of his who possess helped him assemble an empire wherein they’re key avid gamers and co-creators. To the extent that, by his salvage fable, he did no longer pass via the archaic Igbo apprenticeship machine and would no longer implement it however as a replacement created a brand contemporary machine of associative empowerment and conjoined wealth introduction, he has in many techniques improved upon and challenged the Igbo apprenticeship model.The African community entrepreneurship model is no longer exact regarding the formation of an internal core of invested entrepreneurs, as is the case with Cubana; it’s moreover regarding the cultivation of a necessary broader concentric circle of collaborators, communal supporters, a social network of beneficiaries, an elastic chain of empowerment, and a communally shared prosperity.It is miles too early to canonize Cubana because the patron saint of associative entrepreneurship, however my scholarly instinct leads me to read his entrepreneurial imaginative and prescient in this theoretical frame. Other scholars can also just restful soak up the scenario of investigating whether or to what extent Cubana embodies this theory, whether his industry practices and accomplishments advantage the credit I if truth be told possess accorded him, or whether these accomplishments are merely the constituted of what Nigerians colloquially name packaging.Moses E. Ochonu can also just even be reached via: [email protected] PREMIUM TIMES’ journalism of integrity and credibilityCorrect journalism prices a form of money. Yet only just journalism would make certain that that the probability of a just society, an to blame democracy, and a clear authorities.For continued free safe admission to to the exact investigative journalism within the nation we put a question to you to take into fable making a modest give a plot shut to to this noble endeavour.By contributing to PREMIUM TIMES, you are serving to to salvage a journalism of relevance and ensuring it stays free and readily accessible to all.Donate TEXT AD: To advertise right here . Name Willie +2347088095401…

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