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Hijab: Lagos gets 30-day ultimatum to squawk round on Supreme Court docket verdict

by Good News

The Lagos Roar Authorities has been given a 30-day ultimatum by the Muslim College students Society of Nigeria to squawk a round on the unprejudiced unprejudiced as of late delivered judgement by the Supreme Court docket approving the exercise of hijab in Lagos schools.

The students, who gave the ultimatum at some level of a press conference on Wednesday, entreated the authorities to warning its officers in opposition to harassing Muslim females wearing the hijab

The Amir (president) MSSNLagos, Miftahudeen Thanni, explained that issuing the round would curb “overzealous” lecturers and principals from contempt of court.

He said, “That is now to now not castigate the Lagos Roar Authorities but to allure for the rapid implementation of the Supreme Court docket judgement.

“We waited patiently to bag the judgement and we were correct at some level of. All the scheme via this period, we consulted, collaborated, protested, held rallies and sensitised authorities officers on why a prepared Muslim female must restful be allowed to place on the hijab.”

Recall that after about 10 years of correct tussle, the Supreme Court docket on Friday, July 17, 2022, licensed the wearing of hijab by female Muslim students to university in Lagos Roar.

The majority decision affirmed the earlier Court docket of Charm’s decision which restored the exercise of hijab by female Muslim students in Lagos Roar.

Displeased with the judgement, the Lagos Roar Authorities attempted to impression a place of execution of the Court docket of Charm’s decision but failed.

In November 2018, the Lagos Roar Authorities issued an earlier round to all principals of public secondary schools instructing them to allow students.

Miftahudeen said, “When the Lagos Roar Authorities issued the round, we belief reduction had reach, but it is a long way utterly sad that some college authorities and a few horrible lecturers are working in opposition to the round. They are drawn to within the shatter jeopardising guidelines and disclose.

“As a change of obeying the round, some college principals, vice-principals and lecturers feign lack of information of the approval of Hijab in Lagos Roar, and desperately began to handle our participants.

“For no honest must restful a girl-exiguous one be denied education again in Lagos Roar and Nigeria as an complete!

“The pictures of Muslim students sent out of the examination hall for wearing hijab contact the guts and constantly bring tears to the eyes. We provide out now now not desire this to recur. The education of the girl-exiguous one is highly paramount in our hearts. No Muslim lady must restful ever be educated to purchase from her faith and education. Every are her rights.

“We inquire of of that the Lagos Roar Authorities must restful squawk a round inner 30 days after the provision of the judgement allowing Hijab. The Lagos Roar Authorities must restful sanction officers who trudge in opposition to the Supreme Court docket judgment and place a gathering with MSSNLagos, Muslim leaders and various Islamic organisations on the scale and modalities of using the hijab.”

On her segment, Asiyat AbdulKareem, who sued the Lagos Roar Authorities, entreated that victimisation of Muslim students must restful cease.

“We suffered to bag this judgement and it is a long way my hope that this will seemingly be an pause to the victimisation someone love me suffered,” he said.

Moreover, the Ameerah (female head) of MSSNLagos, Basheerah Majekodunmi, known as on all Muslims to be correct and document any violation to the right quarters.

“We name on all Nigerians, regardless of tribe or religion to keep up for this squawk as segment of cohesion with the Muslim ladies most seriously the feminine secondary college students, who’re overtly and regularly stressed and assaulted because they place on hijab to varsities in their very absorb country,” she said.

On her segment, Govt Secretary of Hijab Rights Advocacy Initiative, Shereefat Enessi, recommended the Supreme Court docket for the judgement.

“It is now now not always a victory for the Muslims on my own, it is a long way a victory for civilization, for democracy and for peace.

“We’re now now not all Muslims and as such idea, the importance of a non secular account for love hijab can also now now not be straightforward, but a minimal of we’re all within the equivalent boat that is Nigeria, pulling every assorted down would only have us all down,” he said.

Moreover speaking, the National Amir of MSSN, Uthman Abubakar, lamented that Muslim students like for prolonged suffered discrimination.

Abubakar, who turned into represented by the General Secretary of MSSN Lagos, Hamzah AbdulFattah, said, “The MSSN salutes the courage, idea and utility of the Constitutional guidelines as it is a long way by the panel of the justices.

“The judgment is clearly credible and guarantees as one in all the basic Human Rights granted to Muslims and any assorted adherents of a faith,” he said.

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