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‘I aimed for the moon, fell amongst the celebs’

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Chukwuebuka John Okoli-Akirika did now not factual manufacture a Second Class (Upper Division) on the Nigerian Law Faculty this month, he is additionally in the tip 7.56 in a class of over 5700 college students. Perfect 20 college students had the next consequence. The 2019 alumnus of the Enugu Convey University of Science and Technology (ESUT) shares highlights of his unbelievable law yarn with ROBERT EGBE.

My name is Chukwuebuka John Okoli-Akirika. I’m from Amichi in Nnewi-South Native Authorities Space (LGA) of Anambra Convey. I used to be born in Aba, an industrial metropolis in Abia Convey, and that was the put I spent most of my teenage years.

Bloodline of legal professionals, artists

I’m the first child of Mr. C.J. Okoli-Akirika, a lawyer, and Mrs N.I. Okoli-Akirika, a blinding artist and teacher. Luckily, I is now not going to be the finest correct practitioner in the dwelling and from my lineage as my dad, my cousin, an aunt and an uncle are all legal professionals. My mum comes from a bloodline of artists. My younger sister is for the time being a last 300 and sixty five days law student, and my younger brother who is for the time being in secondary college needs to head attempting law. I used to be surely nurtured with the theorem that of being a lawyer.

Day mum disciplined me treasure never sooner than

I attended St. Bridget’s Main Faculty, Aba. I used to be neatly-known for my drawing and craft skills. I tore pages of my books to manufacture boats and airplanes for my classmates. When my mother came upon, I used to be disciplined treasure never sooner than. I made crafts from carton and proficient them to the Arts teacher.

Awkward having mum as class teacher

I went on to the University of Nigeria Demonstration Secondary Faculty Aba (now NINLAN Secondary Faculty) for my junior secondary education. My mum was a teacher while I used to be there. I bear in mind how awkward it felt greeting my teacher who was additionally my mum at college treasure she was a unparalleled teacher; it was something I used to be now not surely taking a count on. Then there was the eye I obtained from college students and lecturers alike. Seniors dared now not contact me (laughs). I left the college after Junior Secondary Faculty (JSS) 3 to pursue my senior secondary education at Federal Authorities Faculty, Okigwe, Imo Convey. I’m pleased with what I performed there.

Going from moderate to top of sophistication

My major and secondary education sampled the growth I had made rising up. I bear in mind getting promoted on trial and my sister winning the college trophy on the identical time. My dad came to take hang of us from college, one a champ, the opposite practically a failure. I saw the smile on his face and I wondered when that was going to be about me.

Nonetheless, I went from being moderate to being top of my class in secondary college, and that ready me for the challenges that had been before me.Special thanks to Chidimma Onuoha Esq. and Faithfulness Eze-Eke. I will now not downplay the roles they played in the turnaround.

Making dad smile

I studied Law at Enugu Convey University of Science and Technology (ESUT). I finished my secondary education in 2013 however couldn’t rep a location in my desired university. Being someone that dislikes idleness, I utilized for and gained admission for a diploma Programme at Nnamdi Azikiwe University in Tourism and Heritage. I may perchance perchance now not blueprint the programme as I had gained admission to head attempting law the following 300 and sixty five days (2014) in a university in a obvious inform and I had to leave. I concluded my analysis on the university in 2019. Coming into into, I desired to manufacture a First Class. That goal was what guided my every resolution and spurred my actions in direction of reaching that goal. Unfortunately, I did now not. I finished as the Third Perfect Graduating Student with a Second Class, Upper Division. My dad smiled. It mattered that he did.

Challenges of finding out law

Learning law was a stressful, but attention-grabbing journey; long hours of look, memorising of circumstances and statutes, conducting of severe analysis for assignments and loads more. Even extra-curricular actions had been factual as severe and intense. There had been days I’d be so fatigued and furious, and wish it may perchance most likely perchance all factual advance to an stop. Nonetheless the journey, I had unbelievable pals, mentors, lecturers and a supportive household that kept me going.

Day I danced, sang, sat on the avenue

I possess a form of memorable experiences. One time I went out with my pals who had been additionally my route mates and returned to college very leisurely at night. We walked the total methodology from the venue of the hangout to college. We took turns to dance and yell, sat in the center of the avenue while sharing attention-grabbing tales and all. I will now not neglect that night in an awfully long time. These pals are household to me now. Bawl out to Agozie Onwukwu, Ebube Okpogu, Chima Ebene, Joyce Onyegbula, Kosy Umeh, Nnamani Dennis, Christian Okonkwo and Ikedi Uwandu.

Yet another was in the blueprint of a debate. My favourite lecturer, Prof G.C Nnona who lectured on Mental Property had sparked an tutorial discourse at some stage in one of his lectures with us. The controversy lingered previous the time disbursed for the route (it was the last length). He requested those that weren’t interested to leave since the lecture was over. These of us interested persisted the controversy and that happens to be one of essentially the most attention-grabbing “conversations” I possess ever had. The Prof has been a essential resolve in my mosey up to now, and I possess persisted to learn from him even after graduating.

11-300 and sixty five days-historical in courtroom

Adore I mentioned earlier, my dad is a lawyer. I bear in mind following my dad to courtroom once. As a child of about 11 years, the lawsuits had been lost on me. I sat in the gallery watching however now not working out (laughs). Nonetheless, I spent a form of time at my dad’s location of job.

Taking after dad

My option of finding out law was largely which capability of my rapid household circumstances and my location as the first child of the household. So, from after I may perchance perchance focus on till when it was conclusive that I used to be to head attempting law, I had fixed reminders that I used to be to be a lawyer. Members of the family will be treasure “so you are going to preserve after your father”. I spent quality time at his location of job and that was on the total the finest profession I used to be at once exposed to.

In the future in 2011, I visited my aunt in Lagos. Due to her location of position within Lagos, the sound of airplanes in the sky was very routine and unparalleled. I began to read about planes “in the night sky treasure taking pictures stars”. I cherished all the pieces in regards to the theorem that of being a pilot, however they had been largely fantasies, and an eagerness to meet the curiosity of a child as to what is going to be in the sky, since on the time I had never flown in an airplane.

I additionally bear in mind thinking of being a neurosurgeon. I had a brother whose journey while on earth began to power a reconsideration of who and what I surely wished to be. I mentioned it to my mother and he or she suggested me to snap out of it. She told me to now not let my brother’s circumstance alternate my destination. I took her advice.

Conquering law college

Forward of attending the law college, I had heard a form of tales from a form of oldsters in regards to the establishment. From the beginning, I knew that loads was required mentally and physically, especially intelligent about that I needed a First Class. From the first day, I knew I had to give my 100 per cent while finding time to relax. So, I knew I needed to be mentally and physically ready for what was to advance attend. Due to COVID-19, we had two halves of the programme. In the first half which was last 300 and sixty five days, I used to be ready to strike a steadiness between my analysis and game/leisure. I took long walks and visited one or two locations at most at some stage in that time. COVID-19 hit. We persisted the programme from dwelling. That was very tricky. It was unheard of. No one was ready for what came about. The crippling uncertainty was killing. The establishment, in my deem about, did the finest that that it is probably going you’ll factor in intelligent in regards to the circumstances. On resumption earlier this 300 and sixty five days, we had been confronted with resumption and shut examination dates. My whole time went into finding out for the almighty Bar finals. What is game? That was the least of my worries, likewise most school students. Luckily, we had unbelievable lecturers who surely lightened our burden. They committed themselves to making ready us for the examination, mentally and academically. I surely worship their efforts. I additionally had unbelievable pals every step of the methodology. Special thanks to Amara Ojiego, Efe Oise, Oge Okolie, Samuel Dunmade and Ugochi Ihedigbo.

The seek recordsdata from on whether or now not it (law college) was more or less complicated than I imagined is in itself a complicated seek recordsdata from. What I imagined and what came about are parallels. I never contemplated the pandemic. So, after I suppose that, I’d snarl that it was more stressful than I had anticipated, and this made it seem draw more complicated than I had imagined.

Nonetheless, on the stop of the examination, I discovered myself on the seaside. That was the one time I surely took a fracture for better than two hours.

JUSUN strike and law college programme

The JUSUN strike had no enact on the programme for this position because it did now not have an effect on chamber and courtroom attachments which did now not happen in the blueprint that it historical to be completed in old years.

Breaking down 46 days to Bar finals

Law Faculty aside being very stressful, may perchance perchance very correctly be very mentally stressful. There is factual a form of stress, especially if you are going to possess your eyes on the tip prize. As a student, in case you’re unable to address the psychological share of the preparation, chance is you won’t be ready to characteristic.

Being faced with the actuality that an actual share of college students fail the Bar examination is the total stress you wish. In my case, I used to be going by the actuality that practically all efficient a minute share makes First Class and that was the total stress I fundamental.

We had factual resumed for the 2d half of the programme after we had been told of examination dates. That was an instantaneous shocker. Every realizing I made was crippled upon receiving the guidelines. I had a breakdown. I believed we’d possess three months to the examination. It was 46 days to head. 46!

Weeks to the examination, I may perchance perchance actually feel a form of weight on my head. I had loads to quilt. I made a record of matters I hadn’t mastered. Days handed and it felt treasure I wasn’t doing ample. I developed a fever on some events, then a apprehensive breakdown. I most continuously known as dwelling. They may perchance feel the stress over the cell telephone. My mother kept encouraging me. My dad and my sister did identical too. I may perchance perchance barely sleep. I used to be actually living in the look room on the time. Who wasn’t? I saw myself applying multiple programs to gain the job completed. It was surely a stressful mosey. When it was examination week, the stress tripled. There was a finding out and praying frenzy on campus. Every nook had a student finding out. The lecturers had been working beyond unparalleled time. They had been there every step, teaching and giving correct strengthen.

Ending in the tip 7.56 per cent

Every step of the methodology, I knew that I had to preserve my psychological correctly being in verify. That was step one in surmounting the upcoming suppose. That is what I did. That was how I used to be ready to undergo the attend-to-attend examination dates without passing out or forsaking the total suppose.

I made a Second Class, Upper Division (Top 7.56 in a class of over 5700 college students). It was now not the target, honestly. I’m now not sizable on effort, however for this one I manufacture an exception. I used to be living in the look room, actually, both at dwelling and in college.

Desired consequence? Clearly now not. Major retract? Certainly!

How does being amongst the Top 7.56 per cent feel?

Neatly, it feels mountainous. I went for the moon, and fell amongst the celebs. But in all, I’m grateful to God, my household, my adorable pals and every person that supported me in one methodology or one more.  The finest methodology from here is up, and that’s the methodology to head!

COVID-19 lessons and law college

The COVID-19 pandemic has taught us all a lesson; something else can happen. The establishment resorted to on-line lecturing to meet the occasion. Being a chief strive at such on this scale, there was less time for the establishment, in my deem about, to position and enjoy identical successfully. This made the journey a little bit of too nightmarish for some college students. That’s an look-opener. Going ahead, I deem the establishment, seeing that a virus is in the permutation, may perchance perchance devise programs to meet such unforeseen occurrences.

Think, SAN or Professor?

Professor and SAN. I’ll preserve to be a professor and Senior Advocate of Nigeria, factual treasure an actual icon I treasure; Prof Ernest Ojukwu SAN. If I may perchance perchance very correctly be both, why now not?

Second chance at a occupation replacement?

If I had a 2d chance I’d preserve law. Correct that I may perchance perchance in finding a college that provides a dual-stage in Law and Business. Picking a occupation in soccer would were horny however for my peep. Music? Unless I’m humming. (Laughs).

Marrying a lawyer?

I haven’t surely realizing about it, however now that you just’ve mentioned it, I guess I’d be cosy with that if it happens. But I’d favor to question my uncle what it is far treasure since he (a lawyer) married a lawyer (Laughs). Whichever methodology, I’ll be very mighty interested with being with a skilled, that’s all I’m certain of for now.

Drake’s greatest fan

I journey hanging out and meeting contemporary folk. I treasure the game of soccer. I additionally treasure visiting contemporary locations. Then track; I’m (Canadian rapper) Drake’s greatest fan.

Mentors in correct profession

My dad is my first mentor. He laid the muse on which I’m building on. His gleaming, fatherly advice has guided me since my mosey started. My father instilled virtues of persistence, integrity and selflessness in me. He continuously talks to me about “aptitude”. His advice has fashioned a form of the alternatives I possess made and loads more that I will manufacture.

Prof G.C Nnona, whom I treasure so mighty for his mastery and brilliance.

Okechukwu Orisakwe Esq. He is a mentor, brother and friend. Okey is my scramble-to person. He has continuously suggested me candidly, equipped strengthen and regarded out for me. His mosey up to now is one I hope to emulate while being better at it.

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