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Nigeria: Donkey Veil Serene On Export Prohibition List, NAQS Warns

by Good News

Good News – The Nigeria Agricultural Quarantine Carrier (NAQS), has all over but again warn that Donkey Veil remains on the Export Prohibition List in the nation.In look of this, based on the NASQ, resumption of the certification of the commodity for export hinges on the rebound of the Nigerian donkey herd, which is smooth categorised as an endangered species.Reacting to a news myth that instructed that NAQS had resumed the certification of Donkey Pores and skin for export, the Director Unprecedented of the company, Dr. Vincent Isegbe entreated the public to ignore such claims.Talking extra through a observation signed by the Head of Media, Verbal substitute and Solutions, NASQ, Dr. Chigozie Nwodo, the DG, pointed out that “the Agency met with the total connected associations in September closing twelve months to chart a route toward restocking the donkeys through breeding and ranching in expose to keep the animals previous the specter of extinction.”Isegbe noted that, “the govt. would purchase into yarn delisting Donkey Veil from the contraband category simplest after the scale has tilted in favour of the recovery of the Nigerian donkeys.”Also, based on NASQ, the decline of the donkey population in Nigeria became as soon as driven by surging quiz for Donkey Veil in Asia, as the product is extinct in making potions and objects presumed to hold therapeutic and beauty price.

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