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Nigeria: Govt to Discover Untapped Revenue Sources, Says Accountant Classic

by Good News

The Accountant Classic of the Federation Ahmed Idris has talked about amidst the earnings challenges facing the country, the federal govt will continue to collaborate with relevant agencies and organisations in analysis work to harness and explore the nation’s untapped earnings potentials.

Idris talked about this in Abuja on Thursday when he purchased the President of the Chartered Institute of Taxation of Nigeria (CITN), Mr Adesina Adedayo, and a few participants of the institute on a courtesy seek recommendation from.

He talked about govt will continue to present attention to stakeholders with special talents in enhancing its earnings performance.

He therefore sought a bigger working relationship with the institute to promote nationwide vogue, adding that with their offices all the draw thru the Federation the institute have confidence a truly major role to play in earnings expertise.

Earlier in his comment, President of the Institute, Adedayo, talked about entrenching professionalism within the Nigeria tax system remains key to success.

“In particular in a rustic equivalent to Nigeria where the earnings to GDP ratio peaceable hovers around 7 percent on the aggregate and requires for funding are massive.

“CITN recognise the challenges that your set of labor encounters in managing these massive requires. It is commendable that plenty of reforms had been instituted which have confidence largely created the desired framework for moral accountability.

“As an institution, CITN remains committed to entrenching professionalism within the Nigerian Tax Diagram. We have got executed reasonably somewhat on this appreciate with the introduction of the bid of customised, secured stamps and seals by tax practitioners filing tax returns on behalf of taxpayers,” he talked about.

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