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Nigerians React As Yul Edochie Loses His Daughter’s Respect

by Good News

Nollywood actor Yul Edochie has been mocked online after his daughter spoke disrespectfully to him in a social media publish.Because the wedding of Yul Edochie to his colleague Judy Austin proceed to generate reactions online, his daughter in a publish on Instagram issued a warning to those linking him to her father’s marriage brouhaha.She refuted the claims of being an actress or having any enterprise with Nollywood pointing out that other people could well maybe presumably additionally restful no longer force any occupation on her.She added that she doesn’t act in movies nor is drawn to performing and warned other people to finish tagging her on posts connected to Yul Edochie.She wrote: “Please I’m no longer an actress, I truly don’t private any enterprise with performing and Nollywood, No day force carer on me Abeg. I don’t act and I’m no longer drawn to performing. Performing is for him, no longer me and I’m a whole completely different person. I’m on my contain identification. Please finish taking me in a publish connected to him, Nollywood, movies, and actors. I’m no longer drawn to Nollywood”Nonetheless, many Nigerians faulted Yul Edochie’s daughter for making referencing her father as ‘Him’ with many participants claiming she’s restful feeling inappropriate about the fresh marriage to Judy Austin.Gaze among the reactions below.bet_herbalsecret wrote: “Gaze how he lose respect in entrance of his daughter. She now addresses her dad as “him”db_naturals_ wrote: “Lmao. It’s the manner she’s relating to her father as “him” for me”rare_melekun wrote: “If she used to be ok along with her father, she certainly obtained’t advise this…that’s what “Him” gets for being irresponsible.”hardewunmii__ wrote: “No longer his daughter referring her father to “him”myselfdefense_ng wrote: “This man has made himself an object of sketch and even his formative years don’t wish to affiliate with him anymore”kinky_vee wrote: “Yul Edochie fair historic his contain hands to ruin the beautiful family God wish to him”__ummii wrote: “Whenever you happen to damage a moms heart , you automatically damage the daughter(s) heart too”

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