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Nigeria’s political indices: Shining or bleak future?

by Good News

Good News –

Let me open by congratulating Publishers of Freedom On-line for yet one other worthwhile annual lecture, the fourth of such.

I am definite the organisers had the 2023 election in solutions as soon as they chose the theme for this 300 and sixty five days’s lecture to centre all around the future of our dear country, Nigeria. 

Certainly, I’m in a position to suppose that the future of Nigeria is sparkling as a frontrunner; every in politics and diversified financial indicators. I’m in a position to now not admit that our future will ever be bleak. I am an optimist and factor in strongly that with the valid decisions and policies, we can trade the narratives and negate of the nation for the time being to an enviable living all around the shortest time most likely. 

Just a few days in the past, I had an viewers with a diplomat, and amid our dialogue, the future of Nigeria came up. It used to be surprising for me to have a examine that despite our original challenges, the international neighborhood tranquil believed in a futuristic, economically buoyant Nigeria. Truly, a quantity of them distress the never-ending prospects that Nigeria can pressure if we win our acts collectively. 

But to kick open the formula for pattern, we now must disavow our minds from the prevailing ethnicity and disunity that has enveloped our society. 

At every flip in the historical previous of Nigeria, we now have by no methodology completed something meaningful after we tilt in direction of regional or ethnic self-hobby. This is obvious from the pre-independent struggles. 

Until we formed a coalition of a united Nigeria with commitment and enter from all regions and stakeholders in the country, we did now not develop independence. Our Independence used to be to occur in 1953 after Chief Anthony Enahoro’s circulation, but our disunity brought a pair of setback.

In 1960, we had been more united in the price for freedom, and we bought it. So for us to truly develop the country, every stakeholder in the country should forgo whatever bitterness they nurse. 

Admittedly, there had been a pair of missteps. Many, after our independence. And these had been occasioned by the fight for energy, distrust amongst ethnic groups and regional scheming for relevance. A new but latent one, religion appears to be step by step creeping in.

Some policies had been made with parochial interests, while some had been a little bit thought to be one of necessity – every thought to be this kind of decisions encapsulated into our demonstrate situation.

The arrival of democracy in the fourth republic used to be speculated to snowball us into prosperity. But while our leaders did their most effective, it sounds as if, it wasn’t gorgeous sufficient.

It appears that what’s required for a affluent Nigeria is previous classy leadership and idealism; comparatively, what’s essentially required in on the present time’s world is realism. 

The realisation is that previous all issues, we’re by myself. No one is coming to effect us, no one will present toughen to us, and the gift from any country or institution is basically of a Greek Reward in nature. 

After we imbibe this belief, then we would possibly be more patriotic and work assiduously to self-train.

For Nigeria to effect its skill, it doesn’t require prayers or fasting. God has accomplished his get work for the country; it’s left for us to work to make definite our skill doesn’t change into a liability. 

And after I focus on potentials, what enact I indicate? 

In all locations, we’re being urged that Nigeria is blessed with a pair of of the supreme brains in the arena. Human capital resources that can stand toe by toe with anybody in the arena. This is rightly so, and we now have considered the geniuses of innovations which have attain from Nigerians every in the community and internationally. 

But as an alternative of our human capital, God, in His endless mercy, granted us a nation with mineral and field topic resources to sustain itself. 

At every flip you absorb Nigeria, there might possibly be an abundance of mineral resources that, if adequately harnessed, can sustain the entire country and even prosper the entire of Africa as a continent.

There might possibly be now not any single negate out of the 36 with out a important mineral or pure resource. 

Ogun negate, which I governed for eight years, is blessed with an never-ending present of limestone, bitumen and coarse oil in the offshore plan. We also have an huge quantity of cassava which forms the postulate of ethanol. 

In Zamfara, gold reigns supreme; in Nasarawa and Kogi, we now have treasured stones esteem tourmaline and emerald. In Ondo and Edo, we now have bitumen, Cocoa and limestone. 

In Bauchi, Kaduna, Plateau, we now have sapphire, ruby, topaz, garnet, tourmaline and a superb deal of more. 

Our gas skill stays untapped despite having thought to be one of many top most likely gas deposits in the arena. Russia on the present time nearly gives the entire Europe with its gas wants, and likewise that you just would be in a position to explore that despite the worldwide sanctions in opposition to the country, gas used to be now not touched by the European international locations.

Japan, the supreme car producer in the arena, has nearly nothing; No single mineral resource, yet it’s thought to be one of many most developed. So for us as a nation with such a lot abundance, what we can pause is most effective imagined. 

Our assignment has been scale again out for us. Clearly, we now must end dreaming of a closer Nigeria and open training attaining one. It’s now not sufficient to have passion and imaginative and prescient. With out a roadmap dutifully adopted, we might possibly possibly well also now not ever drag away the trenches. 

The most handy design we can drag away the trenches is by putting into energy individuals who are realists. We don’t want PowerPoint shows and successfully-written manifestos that pause up in the dustbin of historical previous. We want leadership that, as they are saying in the mathematical parlance, “express workings”. Any individual can write and make promises, but we can must tranquil be intentional in making sure that we resolve of us that know bring to lifestyles these visions. 

If any person promises to manufacture tv, don’t correct clap; place a ask to the actual person questions about how they intend to enact that. 

But all yet again, we would have lost the morality to ask our leaders properly if we persevered to indulge the menace threatening our democracy: vote-trying to gain. 

It’s very now not prone to promote an merchandise and tranquil should dictate to the consumer employ it. 

Nigerians must remember that the handiest design to have a examine a developed Nigeria is to make definite that they vote with their brain and now not their belly. A evening with starvation is a lot better than four years of danger and fight. 

The next election gives us a possibility to rewrite the future of this country. The option we make subsequent 300 and sixty five days will most likely be with us for arguably eight years. That’s long sufficient to make the country better or make it worse. 

Thank you all, and God bless.

(Being Textual yell material of a Keynote Address by His Excellency, Otunba Gbenga Daniel, FNSE, FAEng, feeble Governor of Ogun Assert (2003-2011)).

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