Home News ‘Okadas Being Extinct For Crime’: Lagos Crushes Over 400 Motorcycles

‘Okadas Being Extinct For Crime’: Lagos Crushes Over 400 Motorcycles

by Good News

The Lagos Bellow Police Taskforce has crushed over 400 bikes seized from defaulting riders all the map by means of the recount.

Commissioner of Police, Hakeem Odumosu, who witnessed the crushing on Saturday, said the act will encourage as deterrent to others.

The seizure of the bikes, popularly identified as Okada, is a penalty for breaking a regulation that restricts the two-wheel machine from some routes within the recount.

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“Over time, we’ve observed that the bikes we’re seeing here now were segment of the instrument they inform in committing crime. When someone is to be kidnapped, they (attain it) with Okada, when someone’s net is snatched at the bus-stop, they attain that. With the site visitors now, Okadas are being gentle to commit crime,” Mr Odumosu said.

“And on tale of of this now, the recount govt, in its recordsdata, determined that Okadas should be restricted in some areas of the recount.

“We bear started this enforcement for a in actuality lengthy time, yet they’re quiet in town, on tale of Rome was no longer built in a day. Nonetheless we are going to now not give them respiration dwelling.

“Some folks bear insinuated that we sell aid the Okadas to these we procure them from, thereby recycling it. That’s why we determined that allow the Doubting Thomases know that we don’t sell Okada.

“The regulation says they should be crushed as soon as they’re impounded. And that’s why we determined to jabber this.”

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