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Podcasts of the week: politics, time accelerate and Ukrainian custom

by Good News

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The terrific Talking Politics podcast hosted by Cambridge professors Helen Thompson and David Runciman – repeatedly insightful, if at instances a contact “wonkish” – released its last episode earlier this month, said James Marriott in The Times. Its demise has left a “gaping gap within the listening lives of politics nerds” love me. “Nonetheless! True in time, a successor has arrived.” 

The Rest is Politics (from the producers of the colorful The Rest is Historical past) is hosted by Alastair Campbell and Rory Stewart. They manufacture a “ambitious” and humorous pairing – Campbell “chippy and silly” and Stewart combining unflappable smoothness with “correct earnestness”. The pair maintain big fun needling one one other over their political variations, and both are “sufficiently a ways ample out within the political desolate tract with a belief to discuss their minds”.

As with many unusual podcasts, it feels a little bit unfocused: a contemporary episode covers Invoice Clinton’s intellect, penal advanced reform, Ukraine, the jam with private colleges and the Iraq Struggle. Give every episode a sharper theme, and right here’s a “traditional” within the making.

One more very excellent history podcast, said Elle Hunt in The Guardian, is Travels Thru Time, which bills itself as a mix of “severe history and playful parlour game”. In every episode, a number one historian or other public figure is requested: if they would possibly per chance perhaps accelerate support thru time, which One year would they consult with? They then handbook the listener thru their chosen One year, selecting out “three telling scenes” that illuminate the era in quiz.

The energy of the podcast is the “slim gash of the past it presents”, whether that’s the Athens of 450 BC, London in AD 62, India in 1837 or the Moon in 1969. Also instantaneous are Dan Snow’s Historical past Hit (“broader in scope, with less storytelling”), and the US podcast Revolutions (detailed accounts of historical uprisings).

With “compelling, searing testimony” from traditional Ukrainians, File on 4 – Ukraine: Struggle Tales (BBC Sounds) is certainly one of the appropriate of the podcasts covering the Ukraine battle, said Patricia Nicol in The Sunday Times. I’d also strongly imply two from earlier, happier instances that provide insights into the custom of Ukraine and its diaspora.

In episode 212 of the Olive podcast, Olia Hercules, the Ukrainian-born author of the “transporting” cookery books Mamushka and Summer season Kitchens, talks “evocatively relating to the food custom that has formed her”. And in 2015’s A Short Historical past of Ukrainians in Britain, now obtainable on BBC Sounds, Oliver Bullough travels to Ukrainian-British communities all the arrangement thru the UK, and meets folks descended from prisoners of battle and outdated waves of refugees. Stuffed with song and the sounds of dance, it’s “a aesthetic concentrate”.

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