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Politics – Detention center decongestion, the politics and hypocrisy of death penalty in Nigeria

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[FILES] Minister of Interior, Rauf Aregbesola. Stammer; TWITTER/RAUFAAREFBESOLA/OGUNDIRANDOLAPO

The Nigerian Correctional Service (NCS) has repeatedly chorused the frustration of custodial congestion. The Service, at each opportunity tells whoever cares to listen to that its facilities are over-crowded with pre-trial detainees. But only within the near past, the minister of interior, Rauf Aregbesola raised a current attitude to the debate. In accordance to him, death row inmates add to the congestion. As a outcome, he advised to governors to delivery to trace death warrants.


Aregbesola outlined that out of 68,747 inmates currently housed in correctional facilities nationwide, 50, 992 of them are anticipating trial, while 17,755 were convicted and serving sentences.


He mentioned: “There are at exclaim 3,008 condemned criminals attempting ahead to their date with the executioners in our meagre custodial facilities. This includes two,952 males and 56 females.


“In cases where an charm has been exhausted and the convicts ought to now not mounting any concern to their conviction, the Say might per chance per chance per chance per chance quiet lope ahead, to have an effect on the considered necessary and negate closure to their cases.”
This recommendation by the minister has brought on a scurry with many civil society groups blatantly rejecting the resolution and renewing the agitation for abolition of death penalty in Nigeria.  


Reacting to why governors ought to now not attracted to signing death warrants, Programme Supervisor, Approved Defence Help Project (LEDAP), Mrs. Pamela Okoroigwe, mentioned governors are reluctant to trace death warrant or grant moratorium or to enhance abolition of death penalty attributable to death penalty has been equipped for within the statute books as a wanted punishment for capital offences.


“Even the Supreme Court docket has within the locus classicus of Onuoha Kalu vs The Say and Azeez Okoro vs The Say (1998) held that death penalty is now not unconstitutional in Nigeria. The Governors don’t are attempting to be seen as folks mighty the grund norm.


“Nigeria is a truly non secular country. They don’t are attempting to trace death warrants attributable to they judge death penalty to be morally and religiously defective. A pair of of them judge that lifestyles is sacred and since the recount didn’t execute lifestyles, why might per chance per chance per chance per chance quiet they have lifestyles? Also, they realize that the risk of executing an harmless particular person is terribly high, given the frightening recount of our criminal justice procedure,” Okoroigwe mentioned. 


In accordance to her, one of the vital most recount Governors are aware of LEDAP’s cases mighty the constitutionality of death penalty of all inmates on death row in Nigeria, admire in (Godwin Pius & 2 Ors. v Governor of Abia Say & 35 Ors (CA/L/797M/12) and Nnenna Obi & Anor v Comptroller Long-established of Detention center Companies (FHC/ABJ/CS/1644/2020). One of the crucial reliefs sought within the suits, she mentioned, is an dispute commuting their sentences of death and injunction stopping any execution till the swimsuit is decided.  

“The Supreme Court docket within the case of Nasir Bello v Approved skilled Long-established of Lagos Say has held that a prisoner can’t be legally finished, while his case is pending in Court docket. So, the Governors know that to this level as these cases are pending in courtroom and but to be obvious, this might per chance per chance per chance per chance also be unlawful to cease these prisoners or any prisoner in any admire.”


She moreover advised that the lengthy conclude on death row by condemned inmates, and being below the threat of forthcoming execution without end, is merciless, inhuman and degrading. She added that your entire death sentence might per chance per chance per chance per chance quiet be transformed to phrases of imprisonment/duration of lifestyles imprisonment. 

Her words: “Below the penal code, lifestyles imprisonment is equal to 20 years imprisonment. They might per chance per chance quiet be launched after they ranking served the detention center time duration. The prerogative of mercy committee might per chance per chance per chance per chance quiet be in an arena to resolve some convicts on death row, severely of us that ranking spent over 10 years and suggest them for presidential pardon.



“I don’t judge there might per chance be any grave consequence of keeping death row prisoners on public funds in Nigeria. They are the defective residing of of us to distress about. Last week, the Minister of Interior, Rauf Aregbesola, mentioned the total nationwide custodial facilities with a maximum ability of 57,278 inmates currently ranking a entire inhabitants of 68,747 inmates. Furthermore, 50,992 inmates, representing 74 per cent of the total inhabitants of inmates within the nation’s custodial facilities had been anticipating trial inmates while glorious 17,755 inmates, which is a mere 26 per cent had been the exclaim convicts.
So, this fashion glorious 26 per cent of the inmates in correctional centres are proper convicts, some of that are serving sentences for criminal or easy offence. These ought to now not the of us to distress about.

“We might per chance per chance per chance per chance quiet be anxious relating to the 74 per cent who are anticipating trial in correctional centres. A pair of of the anticipating trial inmates ranking spent over 10 years attempting ahead to trial and that’s a enormous economic burden on our nation’s funds. So it is miles glorious life like that the Nigerian Government specializes in anticipating trial inmates and make sure that that they obtain a good trial with sufficient correct illustration as that is now not glorious sign efficient but will moreover lope a long manner in decongesting the correctional centres nationwide.”

Also, Finbarr Nweke, a authorized skilled and of the Inclusion and Justice Project (TIP) questioned the fashion ahead for of us that ranking spent over 10 years in death row and the effects of keeping them on public funds? On why governors ought to now not signing death warrants, Nweke identified that cultural and non secular components play fundamental role.

Practically your entire governors, he illustrious, belong to one cultural/non secular community or the other. These cultures and religions, he mentioned, ranking their respective beliefs and one ingredient traditional amongst them is the concept and or perception on sanctity of human lifestyles.

“It’s miles therefore a normal flooring that one might per chance per chance per chance per chance quiet now not have one other’s lifestyles and where you influence, the blood automatically is on the pinnacle of such particular person. Correct admire the non secular beliefs, broken-down non secular practitioners moreover judge that taking human lifestyles below no topic circumstances is a sacrilege,” he mentioned.


Interrogating the correct residing of death penalty, Nweke argued that below Nigerian criminal authorized guidelines, death penalty is correct and certainly constitutional. This, he insisted, explains why governors can’t lope back and forth such sentences below the law. In accordance to him, the Supreme Court docket, which is the apex courtroom, has moreover made outstanding pronouncement on the priority of death sentences, affirming the legality and constitutionality of such sentences by courts.

“Discover the case of Onuoha Kalu v the Say. Therefore, legally speaking, governors entirely lack powers or political will to accumulate such steps. Nonetheless, giving the favored acceptability of the sanctity of human lifestyles and moreover taking cognisance that death sentence has now not been in an arena to handle or solve the offence or causes of procedure to commit capital offences, it is miles suggested that our authorized guidelines be amended to entirely select death penalty from our criminal code and authorized guidelines.

“Some countries are already taking this lead right this moment. Rather than recommending lifestyles imprisonment as different to death penalty, it is miles apparent that the priority of penal complex congestion with its concomitant financial influence on the economic system of the country can’t be overemphasized. Accordingly, while we dwell up for our parliaments to have an effect on the considered necessary by amending our authorized guidelines, these prisoners below death row, who ranking served 10 years and above might per chance per chance per chance per chance also be made to motivate community sentences for a duration of time and this ability that launched from the penal complex,” he advised.

President, Centre for Peace and Battle Management in Africa and Rethink Africa Foundation, Noah Ajare, a authorized skilled argued that it has been approved in substances of the sector that death penalty doesn’t resolve the divulge it was as soon as residing out to handle. A cording to him, Centre for Peace and Battle Management in Africa and Rethink Africa Foundation has over two decades lead the campaign for the abolition of death penalty in Nigeria.

He outlined that the Centre currently has over 15 cases pending on the ECOWAS Court docket, as we converse concerning death penalty. “And we ranking obtained various of such cases. I even ranking strongly advocated that it amount to torture, cruelty, inhuman and degrading therapy to continue to retract the inmates indefinitely below inhuman stipulations for years, as we ranking witnessed in Nigeria.

NCS CG Haliru Nababa

“Nigeria has now not finished any individual only within the near past but we ranking historical past of executions. I’m thus deeply involved by basically the most well-liked solutions supplied by the Minister of Interior as a technique to decongest prisons accurate thru the country,” he lamented.
Ajare argued that statistics as published by the Minister clearly confirmed that basically the most well-liked congestion in Correctional facilities are as a results of the annoying high different of anticipating trial inmates and now not the minority inhabitants on death row.

In accordance to him, the resolution for execution by the Minister comes at a time when many countries across the globe and severely in Africa continue to lope a ways flung from the utilization of the death penalty attributable to its injustices. He illustrious that Sierra Leone grew to alter into basically the most well-liked nation to abolish the death penalty after Malawi few days within the past.


He mentioned: “I exercise to recount categorically that it amounted to torture while you preserve an inmate on death row for 10 years. This was as soon as the residing of the Supreme Court docket within the case of Onuoha Kalu v Say (1998) 13 NWLR (pt. 583) 531, where it was as soon as held that the death penalty is constitutional by advantage of then Part 30 of the 1979 Constitution (now Part 33 of 1999 Constitution). Reasonably, this software is per the grievance that the applicants can’t be held repeatedly after what they ranking gone thru on death row detention, attributable to their persevered detention on this circumstances would amount to merciless, inhuman and degrading therapy.”

Ajare outlined that he has performed various cases earlier than the ECOWAS Court docket where the Court docket upheld that residing and ordered the free up of the applicant attributable to long conclude on death row. “This Court docket has in various cases ordered the instantaneous free up of inmates on death row in Nigeria for violation of their rights. A pair of of the cases we ranking for my half handled whereby the ECOWAS Court docket assumed jurisdiction and ordered instantaneous free up of inmate on death row, along with to reparation orders are; a. Gabriel Inyang v Federal Republic of Nigeria (ECW/CCJ/APP03/18. b.  Mimuna Abdulmumimi v Federal Republic of Nigeria (ECW/CCJ/APP/15/13). c. Thankgod Ebo v Federal Republic of Nigeria (EWC/CCJ/APP/14/13) d. The Federal Republic of Nigeria v Abu Dennis & 2 Others (ECW/CCJ/APP/42/18.      


“We thus ranking a plethora of world Court docket cases whereby it has been held that long delay and detention quantities to torture. I humbly exercise to exercise this likelihood to reiterate that the death penalty is inhumane, dilapidated and doesn’t motivate as a deterrent. It’s miles dilapidated disproportionately against the uncomfortable. It’s miles a violation of the ethical to lifestyles and execution is irreversible even where current evidence surfaces to exonerate the convicted,” he stressed out.

Consequently, Ajare entreated that death penalty be abolished as a entire, calling for the amendment of the authorized guidelines that ranking provisions on death penalty. He alternatively called for lifestyles imprisonment. In accordance to him, a extra positive ability would be a declaration of a recount of emergency in Nigeria’s criminal justice procedure with programmes and initiatives rolled out to handle the sluggish lope of justice supply in Nigeria.

“This might per chance per chance per chance per chance quiet be performed with a gape to diminish the different of these anticipating trial, many of whom ranking spent eight years or extra. I, therefore, poke the Nigerian authorities to expose an first fee moratorium on execution, while it tackles the extensive divulge created by the anticipating trial inhabitants. Those on death row ought to now not the motive within the wait on of penal complex congestion,” he declared.

Also speaking on why condemned criminals conclude without end on death row, the Nationwide Coordinator of LEDAP, Chino Obiagwu (SAN) argued that now not many officials are emotionally and ethically convinced that all these sentenced to death ought to die.

In accordance to him, execution of death sentence is irreversible. Most occasions, the trauma of a Governor signing death warrants, he illustrious, lasts a lifetime, even unto generations, whether it is miles at final figured out that the finished prisoner was as soon as harmless of the crimes for which she or he was as soon as convicted.

“So, it is a colossal emotional dispute to position the burden on governors. Furthermore, death sentence served no vital cause in crime prevention. Actually, it heightens violent crime as offenders change into extra brutal and influence all the things to establish away with that that that it is most likely you’ll per chance be in an arena to judge incriminating evidence. So, we can continue to gawk lethargy on section of governors signing death warrants.

“Recently, the minister of interior Rauf Aregbesola called for governors to delivery signing death warrants as a technique to decongest prisons, but he was as soon as Governor of Osun Say for eight years and didn’t trace a single death warrant, no topic having over 100 death row prisoners from that recount. So that is the hypocrisy of the politics of death penalty in Nigeria. We ought to dispute ourselves the truth and select death sentence from our statute books,” he insisted.

Obiagwu mentioned the fashion ahead is for the Nationwide Assembly to pass a death penalty Moratorium Invoice, which is in an arena to position on retract the utilization of death penalty for five to 10 years, both sentence and execution. Whereas internal this moratorium duration, he mentioned, each recount Home of Assembly takes time to preserve in mind whether or now not to be taught about their Criminal Code or Penal Code to interchange provisions for death sentence with lifestyles or long-time duration imprisonment.

This, he outlined, is attributable to most offences which might per chance per chance per chance per chance be punishable by death sentence, other than treason, are recount offences. “These are waste below the Criminal Code acceptable in Southern States or waste punishable by death below the Penal Code acceptable in Northern States, armed robbery, kidnapping in some Southern States, adultery and apostasy in some Northern States, and treasonable criminal.

“As a ways wait on as 2004, a nationwide gape community within the utilization of death penalty advised such moratorium and evaluate of the authorized guidelines that carry capital punishment. The represent of the community clearly mentioned that, ‘a procedure that cannot give might per chance per chance per chance per chance quiet now not have lifestyles,” the senior authorized skilled emphasised.

On his section, the Convener, Gather accurate of entry to to Justice, Mr. Joseph Otteh, mentioned he was as soon as now not certain why death warrants ought to now not signed by governors, including that he suspects it can per chance per chance per chance be attributable to of the gravity of what would inexorably discover! In accordance to him, the weight of the responsibility of ordering a killing is a unsuitable one.

“And I judge it truly goes to exclaim that lifestyles has a sacredness to it fairly other than the persona or morality of folks who ranking the lifestyles. And I judge that is a crucial factual argument against the utilization of the death penalty,” he argued.

Otteh, moreover a authorized skilled, expressed the gape that the Say ought to itself elevate the sanctity of human lifestyles, so as that the society might per chance per chance per chance per chance also be formed round the concept that lifestyles is worth all the things.

“But added to that is the outdated customary justice procedure that we characteristic. It’s miles being mentioned that a recount that ought to have lifestyles ought to first give Justice. We don’t currently ranking the ability to supply valid and appropriate justice. We quiet characteristic a justice procedure that would prosecute many of of members of a persecuted non secular organisation for the death of a Soldier and prosecute no Soldier – now not one for the killing of many of of infants, females and men in basically the most horrendous model,” he remarked.

He declared that Nigeria has sinful institutions of justice, which on many occasions, exchanged lies for truth. “How influence we safely judge that we is now not going to irredeemably jeopardise the harmless when we sentence them to death the utilization of a justice eco-procedure heavily weighted against the uncomfortable and powerless?,” he asked.


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