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Politics Podcast: Are 1 P.c Of People Depraved?

by Good News

The most modern redistricting cycle is practically over, and we fetch a a miniature bit finalized nationwide draw of modern districts to assess. On this installment of the FiveThirtyEight Politics podcast, the crew breaks down how the modern draw falls alongside partisan lines and why there are a file-low selection of aggressive districts. As well they focus on a brand modern poll from YouGov that asked People the put they descend on the Dungeons & Dragons alignment chart, ranging from lawful to noxious as well to lawful to chaotic. Unsurprisingly, no longer many People name as noxious.

Within the crash, the team looks to be on the most traditional polling from FiveThirtyEight’s collaboration with Ipsos, in which People fetch been asked in regards to the largest political disorders leading as much as the midterms. This edition all for political polarization, crime and gun violence.

That it is seemingly you’ll also hear to the episode by clicking the “play” button in the audio player above or by downloading it in iTunes, the ESPN App or your favourite podcast platform. Whenever you need to well also be modern to podcasts, be taught to hear.

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Galen Druke is FiveThirtyEight’s podcast producer and reporter. @galendruke

Nathaniel Rakich is a senior elections analyst at FiveThirtyEight. @baseballot

Sarah Frostenson is FiveThirtyEight’s politics editor. @sfrostenson

Geoffrey Skelley is an elections analyst at FiveThirtyEight. @geoffreyvs

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