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Putin Says Russia Will No longer ‘Meddle’ In Afghanistan

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Russia’s President Vladimir Putin delivers a speech all the procedure thru a United Russia ruling web together’s congress in Moscow on August 24, 2021. Grigory SYSOYEV / SPUTNIK / AFPPresident Vladimir Putin acknowledged Tuesday  Russia would no longer intervene in Afghanistan and that Moscow had realized from the Soviet occupation of the country, per week after the Taliban swept reduction into vitality.

“We’re no longer going to meddle in Afghanistan’s domestic affairs or involve our militia in a battle where all people is against each varied,” Putin acknowledged at a gathering of officers from the ruling United Russia web together.

“The Soviet Union had its beget skills on this country. Now we accumulate realized the teachings we mandatory,” he acknowledged.

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Moscow invaded Afghanistan in 1979 to pork up an Afghan communist authorities in battle with Muslim guerrilla opponents.

The last decade-prolonged war there left as much as 2 million Afghans ineffective, compelled seven million extra from their homes and led to the deaths of larger than 14,000 Soviet troops.

Putin’s comments came after Russia’s Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov acknowledged US forces accumulate been “pawning off” Afghans fleeing the Taliban to neighbouring Moscow-allied Central Asia.

On a visit to Hungary, Lavrov acknowledged the US used to be seeking to convince “a entire lot of Central Asian countries” to absorb Afghans who previously labored with US forces in the now Taliban-managed country.

He alleged that Washington tells the countries the Afghans will finest be there temporarily.

“They are saying it’s for about a months because they need time to web them visas,” Lavrov acknowledged at a press convention with his Hungarian counterpart in Budapest.

“Afghans who labored with US forces accumulate been likely security checked interior out. Why fabricate you want two extra months to present these of us a visa?” he requested, accusing the US of a lack of respect for Central Asian nations.

Spherical 1,500 Afghans accumulate crossed into neighbouring Uzbekistan after the Taliban takeover and are living in tents shut to the border, in accordance to the Afghan embassy in Tashkent.

Putin complained closing week about Western countries seeking to avoid losing apart of abode Afghan refugees in Central Asian countries “earlier than obtaining visas to the US or varied countries.”

Putin has warned against an influx of refugees from Afghanistan, announcing militants may maybe maybe per chance enter Russia below the guise of in the hunt for asylum.

Several aged Soviet republics in Central Asia fragment a border each with Afghanistan and Russia, he advised officers on Sunday.

Moscow has been cautiously optimistic about the recent leadership in Kabul.

The Kremlin acknowledged Tuesday it used to be “attentively staring at” the “disagreements” on whether or now to not elongate an August 31 closing date for the overall withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan.


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