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PVC: INEC deploys extra 209 machines to South-East, Lagos, Kano

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ABUJA – Following reports of surge in turnout of Nigerians looking out to register for Everlasting Voter Playing cards (PVC) in some facets of the country, the Fair National Electoral Price (INEC) has equipped the deployment of extra 209 machines in primarily the most affected areas namely the five states of the South-East, Lagos and Kano states.

Asserting the new measure in a observation issued on Friday, Festus Okoye

Chairman, Data and Voter Education Committee, acknowledged the surden surge became an affirmation of the public’s increasing self assurance in the electoral job.

The paunchy observation reads:


The Fair National Electoral Price (INEC) has got reports from our States indicating an unprecedented surge in the number of voters that admire to register as voters and the challenges they face accurate by technique of the country. In some States, the surprising turnout of prospective registrants is overwhelming.

In consequence, the Price convened an pressing meeting with all of the Resident Electoral Commissioners (RECs) yesterday Thursday ninth June 2022 to analyze the field so as that eligible Nigerians who admire to register are in a intention to enact so. The necessity to urgently deploy extra voter enrolment machines to ease the congestion at the registration centres became identified as a precedence.

In response, the Price has at the moment released extra 209 machines deployed mainly to the five South Jap States, Lagos and Kano the put the pressure is most acute.

The Price will visual display unit the field over the subsequent few days. Thereafter, this can meet to analyze the event of the exercise.

Every step will be taken and all alternatives will be explored to fabricate obvious that eligible Nigerians are given the different to register as voters.

The Price appeals for persistence and dealing out of all voters. Every Nigerian who’s 18 years of age and above has the constitutional correct to register and vote in any phase of the country he/she resides with out let or hinderance.

The surprising surge is an affirmation of the increasing self assurance Nigerians occupy in our electoral job. The Price will continue to fabricate obvious that this self assurance is sustained.

Barr. Festus Okoye

Chairman, Data and Voter Education Committee

Friday 10th June 2022

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