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Rema Unearths How He Switched From Gospel To Secular Music – Rema

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Proficient Nigerian singer, Divine Ikubor, popularly identified as Rema in a recent interview has revealed how he switched from gospel to secular tune.

In keeping with Rema, the transition from Gospel tune to secular started when he began to state at bars and lounges to form funds.

Rema illustrious that earlier than he determined to tumble gospel tune, he became the head of a gospel rap crew in his church.

The singer shared his dawdle and transition for the length of an interview on Channels TV programme, Rubbin’ Minds

He said, “I became aloof in Benin when that switch took situation. A model of alternative folks idea that as soon as I obtained signed, I started deviating.

“No. Lifestyles became great in Benin. I’m no longer that guy to demand the other folks in the church to pay me on memoir of I’m doing God’s work.

“Perfect there in Benin, I started going to competitions, going to bars, lounges, political rallies; moral attempting to earn on the stage and maintain a microphone, to at the very least earn sprayed some money to advance assist assist home and feed my family, on memoir of we hold been going thru great cases.

“I misplaced my father and brother and I wished to advance assist thru for my family. That’s the put I started spacing out; tiny by tiny until I moral exiled.”

Rema said his decision to substitute from gospel tune to secular became uncommon to his mother, but he became able to persuade her of his stand.

He added, “It became peculiar for me and most particularly for my mum on memoir of she became successfully identified in the church. I didn’t comprise noteworthy explaining. I moral told her to trust me.”

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