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Richard Colbeck is a nationwide shame — and an affront to his hang side of politics

by Good News

Is there a worse, less competent, extra injurious minister anyplace within the nation than the man notionally guilty of passe care, Richard Colbeck?

The day before at the moment Colbeck had the effrontery to insist a media originate — surprisingly but to adorn his media station — titled “Old school care sector deserves larger than criticism”, which claimed “the Morrison executive is turning within the finest reform equipment of its kind in history — while Labor does nothing”.

Labor, presumably, may perchance silent bear mounted a coup, ousted the executive and replaced Colbeck with Clare O’Neil in preference to supinely serving in opposition the build opportunities to manipulate coverage and funding are — who knew? — few and much between.

Regardless of substance — a term vulnerable within the laziest conceivable sense — was to be chanced on in Colbeck’s media originate, one presumably ploddingly pecked out by the minister and his pointless minions on an extinct typewriter over a pleasing Tassie chardy from an organization box at Bellerive Oval, lay in his criticism that “at a time after we desires to be working to blueprint contemporary folks to passe care and grow the field. Labor keeps telling Australians that passe care worker prerequisites are rotten, that the roles are no longer recommended”.

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As Colbeck would know if he took even a fleeting curiosity within the instruct he swore to the governor-frequent he’d abet in “successfully and in actuality”, no person desires Labor to recount Australians that passe care worker prerequisites are rotten. Old school care crew will recount us swiftly trim if we ask.

Indeed they’ve been telling us with their toes as they abandon the field in droves for greater-paid, decrease-stress jobs. If Colbeck doesn’t train crew or passe care unions which bear known as for pay rises for decades, he may perchance ask the passe care suppliers whose interests the Coalition places above the desires of passe care residents and crew. They too will recount him they urgently need most indispensable pay rises to succor crew.

Or he may perchance be taught the passe care royal commission anecdote — a doc he claims to be implementing nonetheless doesn’t appear to bear opened — which spells out why wretched pay, lack of coaching and lack of a professional profession building construct passe care such an uninviting instruct to work. And what to attain about it — though for the total executive’s actions, that bit evidently stays sealed in a high-security undisclosed station.

Labor won’t formally decide to funding whatever the Supreme Work Payment decides is acceptable remuneration for passe care crew, Colbeck claims — and totally because it can perchance be — without noting that he won’t either. However he would argue the toss on that: “The Morrison executive is supporting the Supreme Work Payment by offering knowledge and knowledge as requested.”

Excluding that’s merely bullshit. Old school care unions bear requested what the federal executive’s instruct is on funding an passe care crew pay upward push in one of the principal aloof case. The FWC forwarded that ask to the Commonwealth’s solicitors within the case searching for a response. The response was: “It’s a topic for the commission.”

However Colbeck’s gall transforms — worship alchemy undertaken in a in particular harmful sewer — into something some distance extra offensive when he likens himself to passe care crew. After praising the (closing) passe care crew “at every stage across the field who bear stood immense to prioritise the desires of these in care”, Colbeck goes on to voice:

Regardless of the never-ending criticism from Labor, the executive has also stepped up.

Whoever wrote that offensive rubbish desires to be consigned to work in a single of Australia’s many corrupt, underresourced, understaffed, undernourished nursing houses for the the leisure of their days, keen finest the weight-reduction blueprint the miserable residents have to endure. (Even supposing, hey, it’s no longer so rotten, per Scott Morrison and Greg Hunt — most of them are within the formula of demise anyway, so who cares?)

That is the final end result of the executive “stepping up”:

814 unimaginative Australians since January 1, with 2000 residents and crew silent contaminated with COVIDA residential care crew that, per ABS info, was 11% smaller in November 2021 than in November 2019A crew station so dire that Morrison was overruled by Peter Dutton and ADF troops were, per pleas from the field, despatched in to a couple facilities — though, customarily, this was one other “rollout” that was some distance too slack, and needed to be supplemented with a requirement volunteers to lend a hand Persevering with provision of unpleasant food, with Colbeck retaining up info on the failure of the executive’s half of-billion nutrition program (an final end result revealed by Nine newspapers’ gleaming Dana Daniel)Minimal or no growth on a lot of the solutions of the passe care royal commission a plump year after it launched its reportThe continuation of the negligent “factual cop” Old school Care Quality and Security Payment, which if truth be told within the reduction of hassle assessments on facilities because the Omicron variant took withhold.
The explicit manner Colbeck has “successfully and in actuality served” within the passe care portfolio is to preside over the field being successfully and in actuality fucked. How he doesn’t in actuality feel any sense of shame — or, extra because it can perchance be, profound self-loathing — is a mystery for the ages. That he took day day out from busy agenda of doing zip on passe care to belt Labor is extra evidence that this appalling minister is complicit in a single of the massive nationwide tragedies of most aloof years.

Better than 800 unimaginative folks, minister. And counting. Resign, you unfortunate man.

Why is Colbeck silent keeping his $332,700 a year job? Order us your solutions by writing to [email protected]au. Please consist of your plump title to be conception-about for publication. We reserve the ideal to edit for length and readability.

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