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Stephen A. Smith is the president The US deserves

by Good News

Level to: Let it be known sooner than time that I possess absolutely no clue what Stephen A. Smith’s non-public politics are, and in case it actually wants to be talked about: This is satire. No one with a shred of logic would actually advocate for SAS to be president of the usa.

I haven’t felt the necessity to inherently present something is satire earlier than, but individuals absolutely lose it around subject matters like this, and frankly I don’t need the drama in my lifetime of y’all being up in my Twitter mentions sharing former SAS clips as evidence why he’s now now not suited to be commander in chief.

The bar to retaining political office has beneath no conditions been more accessible. As soon as the folly of individuals with regulation levels, or individuals who possess a classic figuring out of geopolitics — all you will must be an global-class politician in 2022 is a skill to command loudly and rep individuals judge you. Hell, you don’t even have to actually judge the issues you’re screaming about, so long as you can grift enough dummies into pondering you aspect with them.

Enter the GOAT of yelling issues loudly he would perchance simply or would perchance simply now now not actually judge.

Stephen A. Smith said on JJ Redick’s podcast that he modified into approached about running for Senate

— philip lewis (@Phil_Lewis_) June 13, 2022

Stephen A. Smith modified into approached to high-tail for senate, but this is surroundings your sights a long way too low. It’s limiting your seemingly. Stopping any chance of upward momentum and development. It’s like selecting to be a Knicks fan when the vastly superior Nets are true there so that you just can strengthen.

So while a nameless particular particular person would perchance simply need asked SAS to high-tail for senate, I’m putting my name on it. Hello, Stephen A. Smith — my name is James Dator and I’d comparable to you to decide on out into legend running for president of the usa. I’ve given this approximately seven minutes of distracted thought and I will’t deem of a single cause this is a unfriendly thought. I know individuals will possess a knee jerk reaction. They’ll inform he’s innately unqualified to high-tail for office — but I will counter with a series of watertight facts I true realized after studying the Stephen A. Smith entry on Wikipedia, married with info I already know.

8 reasons Stephen A. Smith is basically the most attention-grabbing U.S. President
No. 1: He has years of expertise going toe-to-toe with an out of touch former white men
The time SAS dueled with Skip Bayless on First Settle makes him uniquely able to verbally sparring with politicians. Admire a public servant Bane, he modified into moulded by debate and would perchance simply flourish in this venue.

No. 2: SAS modified into born in the Bronx, and went to varsity in North Carolina
Bridging the final deep wounds and misunderstanding between the north and the south. Additionally, SAS went to Winston-Salem Whine. Know who else is from Winston-Salem? Chris Paul.

Real as Paul dishes out the assists, SAS will relieve The US. Hell, I true made a entire place.

No. 3: Stephen A. Smith is a semi-odd on Total Health heart
A TV star as a president? What would perchance simply be in a neighborhood to trot unfriendly?!

This man has been on ESPN forever, Total Health heart, he’s the verbalize of the belly in Oberto pork jerky commercials. That adjust enables him to achieve all forms of American citizens will different background and focus on straight to them.

No. 4: SAS is a self-made millionaire
This would perchance be a one who knows what it takes to grind his skill to the tip. No longer to mention, Smith is often a extraordinarily easy dude with an established ancient past of fine sports activities takes — but he understood you don’t rep that paper except those takes are hot.

There’s functionally runt or no difference between spitting hot takes on First Settle and spitting them on the ground of congress.

No. 5: Stephen A. Smith loves calling issues “blasphemous” that he doesn’t like
What’s more American than that?

No. 6: SAS hates the Cowboys
Real like a majority of American citizens. Ogle, politicians would perchance even be true like us.

It’s time we permitted that while Dallas would be The US’s Crew in name, they now now not symbolize us. We are able to channel this hatred right into a brand new period of figuring out and camaraderie.

No. 7: I deem he understands the spacious points
Inflation, systemic inequality — issues of that nature.

No. 8: Stephen A. Smith’s father managed a hardware retailer

Critical in figuring out the importance of infrastructure.

While you happen to would perchance well be desirous to strengthen the Stephen A. Smith presidency …
I dunno. DM me for my Venmo info, or something. I’m now now not going to lie and faux the funds will actually be mature to rep SAS elected. I also don’t possess the would prefer to position in any of the work required to turn him right into a candidate as his campaign supervisor.

On the opposite hand, inspired by SAS I understand it’s now now not about what you inform, but how loud you inform it. So, in that vein: LET’S MAKE STEPHEN A. SMITH PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES AND SEND ME MONEY TO (now now not) MAKE THIS HAPPEN!

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