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That Anambra inauguration ‘gbajue’

by Good News

Gbajue’ is a Yoruba slang, a metaphor, for con artistry, a prison act that has now reworked from one-on-one conning of victims by prison gleaming alecs, who safe queer gives within Nigeria, to “yahoo yahoo,” the identical commerce, but applied on-line and all the design through continents by younger lads operating with laptops and gigantic data feeds.

Among the many most queer escapades of local “gbajue” are the sale of non-existent ocean-going ships to unsuspecting victims, in most cases known as “mugu,” whereas the “yahoo yahoo’s” victims are known as “maga,” foreigners, fundamentally lovelorn caucasian girls, spinsters and widows, who fall prey and remit a giant amounts of their retirement advantages for counterfeit guarantees of take care of or even marriage.

One other title for both crimes is “419,” derived from the piece of the Nigerian prison code that gives with fraud, counterfeit pretences and forgery. Some, who are conversant with law in other climes, issue that the law that gives with these sets of crimes in India are below Piece 420.

A Nigerian con artist used to be so worthwhile within the commerce that he could perchance make investments the proceeds of his escapades in procuring huge shares of a serious-generation Nigerian financial institution the save apart he even turned a director. The skyscraper he built is serene no doubt one of the most impressive constructions on high motorway Allen Avenue in Ikeja, Lagos.

In most new instances, the most wanted Nigerian kingpin of con artistry is a obvious Abbas Rahman, ceaselessly identified as “Hushpuppi,” a loud, extravagant publicity-hugging Instagram celeb. His alleged prison activity used to be busted in Dubai in 2021 and he is within the indicate time cooling his heels within the custody of American law in California, USA.

He’s accused of diverting pension payments of American retirees by skill of an account for scamming diagram, an eloquent testimonial to a extremely subtle mind that has perfected deft manipulations of the on-line superhighway.

The gentleman is so worthwhile that a pair of weeks ago one other account for rip-off used to be credited to him, whereas serene within the custody of American law, and practically all and sundry believed the story. But the Americans got right here out to debunk the snarl.

But “yahoo plus,” the morbid enterprise, is the most awful. The most efficient design to describe it’s “ritual assassinate” whereby mostly younger females are lured by their supposed lovers who turn them into human sacrifices for fortune. You don’t are seeking to know too powerful about it.

But the “gbajue” that took place all throughout the inauguration of Governor Charles Soludo is a literal, loyal, altercation between Mrs. Bianca Odumegwu-Ojukwu, nee Onoh, inclined class queen and inclined Nigerian ambassador to Spain, and Mrs. Ebelechukwu Obiano, now inclined First Lady of Anambra Direct.

In step with an alleged verbal assault, the “slapee,” inclined First Lady Ebelechukwu purchased a “soiled slap” as explained by the “slapper,” Mrs. Odimegwu-Ojukwu, who acknowledged that she needed to expend this kind of drastic and violent motion when she perceived a menace to her “gele” or headtie.

As an Igbo matriarch (of the Dwelling of Odimegwu-Ojukwu, for that topic), a distinction that she rightly accorded herself, Mrs. Odimegwu-Ojukwu used to be left with no other different but to defend her honour and self dignity.

And plenty of appear to agree and endorse her motion, though some others, who by no design mind their commerce or ever agree that the prison pointers of Nigeria approve of self-defence within the face of an unrelenting and habitual adversary, level out that the slapper did no longer behavior herself with the decorum of the ambassador (for existence) that she is.

Successfully, Ambassador Bianca, who’s also a prison expert, like her dad, inclined Governor C.C. Onoh of Anambra Direct, could perchance snarl that she used to be provoked and thus plead self-defence.

Sadly, First Lady Ebelechukwu used to be standing within the help of a pole which makes it subtle to envision if in point of fact she drew the first blood by tapping Ambassador Bianca’s shoulder twice or attempting to expend away her gele.

Shadowy, or Lieutenant Colonel, Emeka Odimegwu-Ojukwu, Ezegburugburu, or universal King of Igboland, used to be Defense power Governor of Eastern Nigeria below Major-Customary J.T.U. “Ironside” Aguiyi-Ironsi, first Nigerian Defense power Head of Direct.

Lieutenant Colonel Odimegwu-Ojukwu later headed Biafra, a secessionist Republic, that sought to turn out to be self ample from Nigeria after the pogrom that adopted the kidnapping and killing of Customary Aguiyi-Ironsi and his host, Colonel Adekunle Fajuyi, Defense power Governor of Western Nigeria.

Odimegwu-Ojukwu could perchance no longer come by erstwhile Chief of Army Workers, Lieutenant Colonel Yakubu Gowon, whom Northern Nigerian substances within the protection power imposed as the unusual Defense power Head of Direct. There used to be a extra senior officer, Babafemi Ogundipe, with the wicked of Brigadier Customary, who will have confidence been Head of Direct.

Odimegwu-Ojukwu later married Most Beautiful Lady in Nigeria, Bianca Onoh, who took his title, and perchance also his no-nonsense disposition that can have confidence prescribed the soiled slap that she admitted to have confidence administered on First Lady Ebelechukwu.

Though the individuals eager are VIPs, individuals serene come by that the police, who’ve confidence been present at the venue of the slap, must have confidence arrested both the “slapper” and the “slapee” for violent behaviour and inflicting public dysfunction in a solemn and august occasion.

But perchance attributable to both are wives of males of “bushes and calibre” the police, personnel of Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corp and of the gum-sneakers Directorate of Direct Provider and other security companies present selected to envision away.

There are unconfirmed stories that inclined First Lady Ebelechukwu outdated school to slap or, at the least, verbally assault group within the govt. department and within the Authorities Dwelling in Awka, Anambra Direct capital. But no one is willing to boom to the veracity of this allegation.

Some, who snarl, on the fundamentally unreliable social media platforms, to be conversant with the doings of the inclined First Lady, narrate that the allegation is correct. They add, with out an iota of proof, that the inclined First Lady by no design didn’t provoke on all and sundry in Anambra Direct that she used to be the considerable other of the governor.

They tried to corroborate their snarl that she is practically ungovernable by pointing out that whereas she lived in Authorities Dwelling, the save apart Governor Soludo’s swearing-in used to be conducted, she arrived the ceremony tiresome, lengthy after her husband, who must have confidence arrived final to this kind of occasion as the governor.

In diagram of behave herself, she dangle to stroll, with what she many have confidence thought used to be dainty steps of a mannequin, to the presence of Ambassador Bianca Odimegwu-Ojukwu for a disgraceful finale to her reign as Her Most Worshipful Majesty, the First Lady of Anambra Direct.

It didn’t help issues that when Ebelechukwu, now shorn of all dignity, used to be within the slay returned to her seat beside her husband, she regarded as if it’d be scolding him for seeking to easy her down.

That motion, of rebuffing her embarrassed husband’s entreaties, with out a doubt postpone many individuals, who thought she could perchance at the least admire her husband in public. They purchased so disappointed in her rather unruly behavior.

Some mischievous individuals are claiming, again with out proof, that inclined First Lady Ebelechukwu grew up within the high-density Ojuelegba diagram of Lagos and that her behavior is practically that of an “alatika,” the Yoruba identical of the crude and unsophisticated.

But it’s probably you’ll perchance have confidence to present it to inclined Governor Willie Obiano who displayed uncommon calmness after the considerable other (or widow) of one other man gave his considerable other a grimy slap in public. Men as sober as Willie Obiano are uncommon.

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