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US says Russia readying ‘counterfeit-flag’ operation to invade Ukraine

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Russia has keep in location operatives expert in explosives to lift out a “counterfeit-flag” operation to make a pretext to invade Ukraine, US officers alleged Friday.

The USA launched intelligence findings the day after National Security Consultant Jake Sullivan acknowledged that Russia, which has collected tens of hundreds of troops on the Ukrainian border, became “laying the groundwork to be pleased the probability of fabricating a pretext for an invasion.”

White Dwelling Press Secretary Jen Psaki acknowledged US intelligence believed Russia would possibly possibly presumably perhaps perhaps initiating the operations “several weeks” earlier than a military invasion, which can presumably perhaps perhaps initiating between mid-January and mid-February.

“Now we be pleased got files that indicates Russia has already prepositioned a neighborhood of operatives to habits a counterfeit-flag operation in eastern Ukraine,” Psaki told newshounds.

“The operatives are expert in metropolis battle and within the usage of explosives to lift out acts of sabotage in opposition to Russia’s be pleased proxy forces.”

Russia like a flash denied the tale, with Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov calling the US statements “counterfeit.”

But Pentagon spokesman John Kirby acknowledged the intelligence became “very credible” and that the classification had been downgraded to enable its initiating to the final public.

He acknowledged that Russian operatives would possibly possibly presumably perhaps perhaps consist of intelligence brokers, military aspects and other security products and companies.

“They generally hybridize their personnel to this kind of stage that the lines are doubtless to be no longer necessarily no doubt certain,” Kirby told newshounds.

Upward thrust in disinformation

The allegations attain as Ukraine became hit by a essential cyberattack, which led NATO to dispute to step up cooperation with Kyiv for on-line security.

Psaki acknowledged america became “fervent” by the assault, however stopped searching blaming Russia, asserting there became no longer yet a discovering on who became to blame.

Psaki acknowledged Russia, alongside its purported counterfeit-flag preparations, had ramped up a disinformation advertising and marketing campaign on social media, including posts that accuse Ukraine of rights violations and the West of scary tensions.

“Our files additionally indicates that Russian impact actors are already starting to make Ukrainian provocations in suppose and social media to define a Russian intervention and sow divisions in Ukraine,” she acknowledged.

The USA has steadily accused Russia of spreading conspiracies and disinformation on social media.

Psaki acknowledged Russian-language justifications for Moscow’s narratives on Ukraine on social media be pleased jumped by 200 percent in December to almost 3,500 posts per day.

Sullivan, in his briefing to newshounds, acknowledged Russia had inclined identical tactics in 2014 when it seized Crimea and backed an ongoing insurgency in eastern Ukraine.

“We saw this playbook in 2014. They are making willing this playbook again,” Sullivan acknowledged.

The USA launched the findings on the alleged counterfeit-flag plans after per week of talks with Russia to defuse tensions.

Russian President Vladimir Putin has denied plans to invade Ukraine however has demanded security ensures from the West, including guarantees to no longer make bigger NATO eastward.

Sullivan acknowledged Thursday that america most well-most traditional diplomacy however became willing to “defend” allies and to impose essential financial funds on Russia if it invades.

Russia stepped up its rigidity on Ukraine in 2014 after an rebellion toppled a government that had rejected rigidity to switch the country nearer to the West.

Bigger than 13,000 other folks be pleased since died within the pro-Russian insurgency in eastern Ukraine.

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