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What worked for Okowa

by Good News

Within the PDP presidential primaries, the Governor of Rivers Instruct, Mr Nyesom Wike came second. Handiest the ragged Vice President Mr Atiku Abubakar beat him. He might perhaps per chance even enjoy knowing that if he used to be the most popular candidate from the South, attending to pick out the vice presidential designate might perhaps per chance be something shut to a optimistic wager. But politics being a game in which horse-procuring and selling, trickery, unanticipated components, identified and unknown points advance into play, the lag to the number two space of the party’s presidential designate turned out to be a ruse for Wike. And when the Vice Presidential Screening Committee headed by the PDP Deputy Chairman, Mr Umaru Damagun, put his identify on high of the list after 13 of the 17 members of the committee voted in his favour, Wike might perhaps per chance even enjoy knowing that the designate used to be within the procure. Nonetheless it didn’t happen. Any individual else, Governor Ifeanyi Okowa of Delta Instruct got the nod of the party and the presidential candidate of the party. Okowa got this white garment of honour dressed in a lengthy white costume topping his equipment with a red cap, the favorite cap of the Igbos. Wike must always enjoy had a dank feeling of being an unwanted man but it’s now now not so. Picking a vice presidential candidate repeatedly comes with a battery of concerns such because the functionality candidate’s character and electoral asset or criminal responsibility, strength of the party in his yelp or zone, his previous utterances and actions on sensitive national points, his religion, his knowledge of the financial system, his chums and enemies etc. These kinds of components might perhaps per chance even enjoy advance into play when the PDP picked Okowa because the vice presidential candidate.But even Okowa went via some withering scrutiny because a vice presidential candidate must always be chosen as fastidiously as an engagement ring so as that he can complement the qualities of the presidential candidate. His salvage ambition almost got scuttled by his political mentor, Chief James Ibori, ragged Governor of Delta Instruct. Ibori and Okowa had fought a bitter battle for the preference of a PDP governorship candidate for Delta Instruct. Ibori’s candidate used to be Mr David Edevbie while Okowa’s preference used to be Mr Sheriff Oborevwort who is the Speaker of the Instruct Home of Assembly. Okowa’s candidate won with 590 votes to Edevbie’s 113 votes. Ibori who used to be very supportive of Okowa’s election even when he used to be in penal complex within the UK felt that Okowa must always enjoy reciprocated his gesture by allowing him to pick out the party’s governorship candidate. Okowa didn’t think he must always quiet allow Ibori to pick out his successor for him when he, Ibori, picked his salvage successor without someone else’s dictation. As a job of pacifying Ibori, Okowa ensured that his daughter Erhiateke Ibori Suenu emerged because the party’s candidate for Ethiope Federal Constituency for the Home of Representatives. Ibori is a shut buddy of Mr Atiku Abubakar and if chums and successfully wishers had now now not intervened maybe Okowa might perhaps per chance now now not enjoy succeeded. Some elders of the party such as Mr Babangida Aliyu, ragged Governor of Niger Instruct, Mr Sule Lamido, ragged Governor of Jigawa Instruct and Mr Uche Secondus, ragged Nationwide Chairman of the PDP who fell out now now not too lengthy within the past with Wike furthermore spoke to Ibori in favour of Okowa. Ibori’s anger melted and that paved the capacity for Okowa’s preference.Among the governors who wished someone with a lengthy electoral antennae were unhappy with the snub of Wike by the choice makers. Some of them refused to inspire the disclosing of Okowa. Nonetheless it wasn’t Okowa’s fault that he got chosen. In each and every political contest there desires to be a winner and a loser(s). Wike’s strength is that he’s a radical to his fingertips. His strength is that he believes belligerently what he believes. That strength is furthermore his weakness. He’s a warrior, a no-mean warrior. When he fights, he doesn’t pull punches. He fights to slay the enemy and to pick out. Thoroughly different teams in Rivers Instruct enjoy tasted just a puny of his warrior’s temper. And when the IPOB fellows knowing they might perhaps per chance annex Rivers Instruct as share of their territory Wike told them, “don’t dare.” Igbo leaders it appears knowing that it used to be an exhibition of his hatred for the Igbos. They went to Port Harcourt to leer the gadfly who told them that he has no wretchedness with Igbo but the territory he governs is now now not share of Biafra. That brought the matter to a shut. Mr Wike is now now not much cherished by some Muslims who knowing that by demolishing a mosque in Rivers Instruct he did now now not want Muslims in his yelp. However the cause for doing so seemed accurate moreover the indisputable truth that he furthermore supplied them an alternate enviornment for the constructing of one other mosque. Such gutsy demonstrations of principle are in most cases possible to be misinterpreted by victims of such actions. The wounds might perhaps per chance also internet healed within the damage but the scars dwell unerased for lengthy.It used to be the realization by some northern leaders that if Governor Aminu Tambuwal of Sokoto Instruct did now now not step down for Atiku Abubakar throughout the presidential primaries, Wike used to be possible to defeat Atiku. That used to be why the northern leaders persuaded Tambuwal to tumble his ambition and workforce up with Atiku so as to defeat Wike. The concept of Wike by many politicians is that he desires to be the bride at each and every marriage ceremony and the corpse at each and every funeral, that he’s a domineering figure who desires to be the single cock that crows. That generates feelings of hatred in the direction of him. And the mutter is now now not helped by the sharpness of his tongue. It cuts other people, chums and foes into pieces enjoy a razor blade. That ends in any other people perceiving him as being abrasive while others think he’s someone who simply says what desires to be said at any given time.Some of his opponents accuse him of being the one sponsoring crises in some states, a share of his empire-constructing plan, crises in some states such as Edo, Imperfect River, Ebonyi, Delta and Anambra. This might perhaps per chance also or might perhaps per chance also now now not be factual but those that wished his head on a plate throughout the battle for the vice presidential slot feeble that fragment of data to work against him. He used to be roundly perceived as smug.For such analysts the balloting strength of Rivers Instruct did now now not matter much. By the 2019 voter registration figures, Rivers Instruct has 3,215,273 voters while Delta has 2,845,274, a difference of greater than 300,000 voters. Each and every men are from the South South, which is the backbone of the PDP within the South. They’re each and every from fundamental oil producing communities, which constitute the nation’s money cow. Selecting a vice presidential candidate from there might perhaps per chance also possible make definite that that there’s puny restiveness within the oil producing communities. That, in flip, will contribute to the stabilisation of the financial system.Okowa brings to the designate the image of a gradual achiever who is identified as The Roadmaster in Delta thanks to his strides in infrastructure pattern. He has constructed a harmonious relationship with the ethnic and non secular teams, Christian and Muslim, which has guaranteed relative steadiness within the yelp. He’s the chairman of the South South Governors Forum who has dealt with the affairs of the Forum with sagacity, even handedness and humility. Even supposing he’s a revered medical doctor, a senator and a two-term Governor of a yelp he carries himself without airs but with unvarnished dignity and ease. Maybe even handed one of the most causes that worked in his favour used to be the indisputable truth that he straddles two zones of the nation. Whereas Delta Instruct is even handed one of the most six South South States, he as an Igbo furthermore enjoys the earnings of being from a space that speaks the identical language as your total 5 states within the South East zone. Igbos then must always make the choice to vote for both an Igbo man who is vp of even handed one of the most two predominant parties or for an Igbo presidential candidate in even handed one of the most minor parties, that would also now now not make any fundamental impact within the polls. That will be the choice to make: Okowa or Peter Obi. By the figures of registered voters (2019) South East has only 10,052,236 while the South South has 12,844,279. This low balloting strength is maybe one cause why the tall parties enjoy now now not given the South East a top price consideration in their calculations. Of the six geopolitical zones South East has the bottom voter registration figure. So while just-minded other people ask for equity and equity for the South East on the mutter of presidency to the zone the politicians are largely drawn to the balloting numbers because it is numbers that opt elections. No matter the preference of Okowa the PDP officers enjoy some fence mending to manufacture if they must always enter the elections next 300 and sixty five days enjoy a united workforce. They must always pacify those that feel damage by their choices of the presidential and vice presidential candidates of the party.

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