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Wizkid’s Son Files A Video Of Himself Rapping, Fans React

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Nigerians have taken to social media to react to a video of Wizkid’s eldest son, Boluwatife Balogun spitting bars as he looks station to scurry in his father’s musical shoes.The younger boy who’s ten years standard showed glimpses of becoming a rapper one day and his cameo expose on the mic has impressed some netizens and participants of Wizkid FC-the generic name ascribed to followers of Wizkid.

Some followers nonetheless tilted the discourse to the positioning of the dinky one when he recorded the video of his rap dexterity. While some believed the brief video clip took station at his mother Shola Ogudu’s station, others mediate he did it when he used to be alongside with his smartly-known individual father.

Within the interim, nobel laureate, Prof Wole Soyinka has bluntly apportioned blame to the indulgence on religion on the portion of Nigerians on concerns plaguing Africa’s most populous nation.

The revered creator and playwright while having an originate dialog with professor of African Literature, Dr. Louisa Egbunike detailed how religion has change into the bane of the concerns hovering around the country.

He mentioned; “All around the set, I salvage that religion has been cosseted too unheard of. And liberty has been taken by religionists, which wouldn’t be thought to be to other actions which may almost definitely be thought to be secularists.

“If you positioned on a garb of a non secular chief, probabilities are you’ll almost definitely shut up the throughway between Lagos and the comfort of the nation, simply because probabilities are you’ll almost definitely very properly be having a non secular occasion. You may almost definitely additionally very properly be fair a bit of the comfort of the nation. And likewise you’d like to be accorded no particular privileges. So, except that is performed, people will constantly salvage something extra by belonging and manifesting, even to an crude extent, your non secular adhesions.

Religion has change into the #1 grief for Nigerians. Hope is all very properly; nonetheless hope itself can change into depraved. Namely whether it is a ways hope for unearned advantages in society. If religion turns into an excuse for flouting the rules, then that religion has got to be tackled head-on.

“If as an instance a legislator, later a Governor, can divulge the elegant to be a pedophile and pick pleasure in horrible-border dinky one trafficking, celebrating dinky one marriage, consummating that match, which is against the rules of a nation, and he says he has to conclude it because his religion permits it; then every he and that religion ought to fair be shown the approach to the rules courts and handled adore other phenomena of society.

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